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The Magic of the Rainbow


Released 2007

William Lau = Director

Luke Carroll = Producer

Tiffany J. Shuttleworth = Associate Producer

Kim Dent Wilder = Executive Producer

Rob Hudnub = Executive Producer

Kelly Sheridan as voice of Elina

Lee Tockar as voices of Bibble, Fungus #1 & #2

Kathleen Barr as voice of Laverna

Christopher Gaze as voice of Fungus Maximus

Tabitha St. German as voices of Dandelion & Topaz

Venus Terzo as voices of Azura & Pixie #1

Andrew Francis as voice of Linden

Sharon Alexander as voice of Sunburst

Peter New as voice of Tourmaline

Nancy Sorel as voice of Enchantress

Saffron Henderson as voice of Lumina

Andrea Libman as voice of Shimmer & Pixie #2

Lalainia Lindbjerg as voice of Glee

Alistair Abell as voice of Faban

Cathy Weseluck as voice of Dizzle

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