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Barbie &

The Diamond Castle


Released 2008

Gino Nichele = Director

Shelley Dvi-Vardhana = Producer

Jennifer Twiner McCarron = Producer

Paul Gertz = Executive Producer

Rob Hudnut = Executive Producer

Kelly Sheridan as Voices of Barbie & Liana

Melissa Lyons as Singing Voice of Liana

Cassidy Ladden as Voices of Teresa & Alexa

Chantal Strand as Voice of Stacie

Maryke Hendrikse as Voice of Melody

Lara Janine as Singing Voice of Melody

Kathleen Barr as Voice of Lydia

Mark Acheson as Voice of Slyder

Scott McNeil as Voice of Troll

Jeremy From as Voice of Jeremy

Noel Johansen as Voice of Ian

Nicole Oliver as Voices of Dori & Maid

Heather Doerksen as Voices of Phaedra & Waitress

Michael Dobson as Voice of Innkeeper

Ron Halder as Voice of Butler

Linda Sorenson as Voice of Old Woman

Veena Sood as Voices of Sparkles & Lily

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