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A Fairy Secret


Released 2011

William Lau = Director

Terry Klassen = Director

Kylie Ellis = Producer

Kim Dent-Wilder = Executive Producer

Rob Hudnut = Executive Producer

Diana Kaarina as Voice of Barbie

Adrian Petriw as Voice of Ken

Brittney Irvin as Voice of Raquelle

Cassandra Morris as Voice of Carrie

Kate Higgins as Voice of Taylor

Silvio Pollio as Voice of Zane

Brittney Wilson as Voice of Crystal

Alexandra Carter as Voice of Princess Graciella

Nicole Oliver as Voices of Lilliana Roxelle &

Fitting Room Attendant

Barbara Tyson as Voice of Tracy Clinger

Candus Churchill as Voice of Reena

Nathaniel DeVeaux as Voice of Graylen

Michael Dobson as Voice of Wedding Officiant

Laura Bailey as Additional Voice (uncredited)

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