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Barbie &

The Magic of Pegasus


Released 2009

Greg Richardson = Director

Luke Carroll = Producer

Jesyca C. Durchin = Producer

Shelley Dvi-Vardhana = Associate Producer

Kim Dent Wilder = Executive Producer

Rob Hudnut = Executive Producer

Kelly Sheridan as Voices of Princess Annika,

Troll & Wife #3

Kathleen Barr as Voices of Shiver, Queen, Rayla

'The Cloud Queen', Troll, Wife #1 & Eric

Lalainia Lindbjerg as Voices of Brietta, Troll & Wife #2

Colin Murdock as Voice of Wenlock

Mark Hildreth as Voice of Aidan

Brian Drummond as Voices of Ferris & Aidan's Father

Russell Roberts as Voice of King

John DeSantis as Voice of Ollie The Giant

Chantal Strand as Voice of Rose

Jessica Amlee as Voice of Blush

Andrea Libman as Voice of Lilac

Stevie Vallance as Voice of Troll

Russell Arons as Voice of Outtake A.D.

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