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Barbie in

The Princess and the Pauper


Released 2004

William Lau = Director

Jesyca C. Durchin = Producer

Jennifer Twiner McCarron = Producer

Shelley Tabbut = Associate Producer

Kim Dent-Wilder = Executive Producer

Rob Hudnut = Executive Producer

Kelly Sheridan as Voices of Princess Anneliese & Erika

Melissa Lyons as Singing Voice of Princess Anneliese

Julie Stevens as Singing Voice of Erika

Mark Hildreth as Voice of King Dominick

Mark Luna as Singing Voice of King Dominick

Alessandro Juliani as Voice of Julian

Martin Short as Voice of Preminger

Kathleen Barr as Voices of Serafina & Bertie

Ian James Corlett as Voices of Wolfie & Guard #3

Ellen Kennedy as Voice of Queen Genevieve

Pam Hyatt as Voice of Madame Carp

Brian Drummond as Voices of Nick & Guard #1

Jan Rabson asw Voices of Midas & Nack

Colin Murdock as Voice of Royal Scheduler

Janyse Jaud as Voice of Palace Maid

Lee Tockar as Voices of Ambassador Bismark & Guard #2

Garry Chalk as Voice of Herve

Roger Monk as Voice of Minister

Robin Atkin Downes as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Sara Niemietz as Singing Voice End Song (uncredited)

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