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Barbie of

Swan Lake


Released 2003

Owen Hurley = Director

Jesyca C. Durchin = Producer

Jennifer Twiner McCarron = Producer

Rob Hudnut = Executive Producer

Kim Dent Wilder = Executive Producer

Kelly Sheridan as Voices of Barbie & Odette

Mark Hildreth as Voice of Prince Daniel

Kelsey Grammer as Voice of Rothbart

Maggie Wheeler as Voice of Odile

Venus Terzo as Voice of Lila

Kathleen Barr as Voices of Fairy Queen & Marie

Michael Dobson as Voices of Erasmus & Burly Villager

Nicole Oliver as Voice of Carlita

Ian James Corlett as Voice of Ivan

Gina Stockdale as Voice of Queen Mother

Brian Drummond as Voice of Reggie

Chantal Strand as Voice of Kelly

Garry Chalk as Voice of Baker

Scott McNeil as Voice of Peddler

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