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Barbie and

The Three Musketeers


Released 2009

William Lau = Director

Shelley Dvi-Vardhana = Producer

Pat Link = Producer

Shawn McCorkindale = Producer

Carrie Wilksen = Associate Producer

Rob Hudnut = Executive Producer

Jennifer Twiner McCarron = Executive Producer

Kelly Sheridan as Voice of Barbie as Corinne

Tim Curry as Voice of Philippe

Kira Tozer as Voice of Viveca

Willow Johnson as Voice of Aramina

Dorla Bell as Voice of Renée

Nicole Oliver as Voices of Corinne's Mother

& Fancy Dress Girl #1

Merrilyn Gann as Voice of Madame de Bossé

Kathleen Barr as Voices of Hélène &

Fancy Dress Girl #2

Mark Hildreth as Voice of Prince Louis

Michael Dobson as Voices of Bertram & Musketeer Guard

Bernard Cuffling as Voice of Monsieur Treville

Brad Swaile as Voices of Serge & Handsome Man

Amelia Henderson as Voice of Miette

Tabitha St. Germain as Voice of Miette Walla

Brian Dobson as Voices of Brutus & Regent Guard #2

David Kaye as Voices of Alexander & Driver

Terry Klassen as Voices of Pig, Regent Guard #1

& Henchman

Alistair Abell as Voices of Musketeer #1 &

Royal Announcer

Brian Drummond as Voice of Musketeer #2

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