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The Island Princess


Released 2015

Greg Richardson = Director

Jesyca C. Durchin = Producer

Jennifer Twiner McCarron = Producer

Shea Wageman = Producer

Shelley Dvi-Vardhana = Associate Producer

Paul Gertz = Executive Producer

Rob Hudnut = Executive Producer

Kelly Sheridan as voice of Ro/Rosella

Melissa Lyons as singing voice of Rosella

Alessandro Juliani as voice of Prince Antonio

Christopher Gaze as voice of Sagi

Steve Marvel as voices of Azul/Minister

Susan Boman as voice of Tika

Garry Chalk as voices of Frazer/Calvin

Russell Roberts as voice of King Peter

Patricia Drake as voices of Queen Danielle/Mama Pig

Bets Malone as voice of Tallulah

Britt McKillup as voice of Rita

Carly McKillup as voice of Gina

Chantal Strand as voice of Sofia

Andrea Martin as voice of Queen Ariana

Candice Nicole as voice of Princess Luciana

Kate Fisher as voice of Queen Marissa

Brian Drummond as voice of Lorenzo

Terry Klassen as voices of Butler/Guard/Horse

David Kaye as voice of Guard

Kathleen Barr as voice of Tiny

Scott Page-Pagter as voice of Nat

Ian James corlette as voice of Pat

Matt as voice of Himself

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