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Barbie In Spy Squad


Released 2016

Conrad Helten = Director

Margaret M. Dean = Producer

Shareena Carlson = Producer

Peter Escarcega = Associate Producer

Julia Pistor = Executive Producer

David Voss = Executive Producer

Erica Lindbeck as voice of Barbie

Stephanie Sheh as voice of Renee

Jenny Pellicer as voice of Teresa

Alyssa Swales as voice of Chelsea

Elizabeth Irving as voice of Mila

Brian Dobson as voices of Agent Dunbar, Announcer & Head Chef

Rebecca Husain as voice of Patricia

Cathy Weseluck as voice of Aunt Zoe

Ian Hanlin as voice of Lazlo

Jonathon Holmes as voice of Percy

Kathleen Barr as voices of Violet & Alarm

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