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Battle of Los Angeles


Released 2011

Mark Atkins = Director

David Michael Lait = Producer

Paul Bales = Co-Producer

David Rimawi = Executive Producer

Nia Peeples as Karla

Kel Mitchell as Tyler

Dylan Vox as Pete Rodgers

Theresa Jun-Tao as Solano

Gerald Webb as Newman

Ed Deruiter as Arnstead

Darin Cooper as Hadron

Robert Pike Daniel as Commander Wakes

Tim Abell as Macon

Michele Boyd as Pilot 1

Stephen Blackehart as Pilot 2

Lorry O'Toole as Pilot 3

Scot Ney as Kaor

Wayne Santoni as MJ12 Sentry 1

Natalia Fedner as MJ12 Sentry 2

Corey Joseph as MJ12 Sentry 3

Dustin Milam as Background

Chris Galloway as Background

Adam Burch as Background

Ajibke Adekoya as Background

Chris Goldberg as Background

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