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Bedknobs and Broomsticks


Released 1971

Robert Stevenson = Director

Bill Walsh = Producer

Angela Lansbury as Miss Price

David Tomlinson as Emelius

Roddy McDowall as Mr. Jelk

Sam Jaffe as Bookman

John Ericson as Col. Heller

Bruce Forsyth as Swinburne

Cindy O'Callaghan as Carrie

Roy Snart as Paul

Ian Weighill as Charlie

Tessie O'Shea as Mrs. Hobday

Arthur E. Gould-Porter as Capt. Greer

Ben Wrigley as Portobello Rd. Workman

Reginald Owen as Gen. Teagler

Cyril Delevanti as Elderly Farmer

Rick Traeger as German Sergeant

Manfred Lating as German Sergeant

John Orchard as Vendor

Robert 'Bob' Holt as Voice of Codfish

Lennie Weinrib as Voices of Secretary Bird & Lion

Dal McKennon as Voice of Bear

Conrad Bachmann as German Soldier (uncredited)

Eric Brotherson as Player (uncredited)

James Brugman as Soldier Playing Tenor Saxophone (uncredited)

Patrick Sullivan Burke as Soldier (uncredited)

Patrick Dennis-Leigh as Old Home Guardsman (uncredited)

Anthony Eustrel as Vendor (uncredited)

Morgan Farley as Old Piano Player (uncredited)

Ina Gould as Shopkeeper (uncredited)

Delos Jewkes as Old Home Guardsman (uncredited)

Sid Kane as Vendor (uncredited)

Milt Larsen as Spectator at Emelius' Failed

Magic Performance (uncredited)

Arthur Malet as Mr. Widdenfield, Museum Guard

(restored version) (uncredited)

George Mann as Old Home Guardsman (uncredited)

Barbara Morrison as Player (uncredited)

Richard Peel as Vendor (uncredited)

Jack Raine as Old Home Guardsman (uncredited)

Maxine Semon as Portobello Dancer (uncredited)

Arthur Space as Old Home Guardsman (uncredited)

Hank Worden as Old Home Guardsman (uncredited)

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