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Bedtime Stories


Released 2008

Adam Shankman = Director

Jack Giarraputo = Producer

Andrew Gunn = Producer

Adam Sandler = Producer

James 'Jimmy' Badstibner = Associate Producer

Daniel Silverberg = Associate Producer

Kevin Grady = Co-Producer

Jennifer Gibgot = Executive Producer

Garrett Grant = Executive Producer

Ann Marie Sanderlin = Executive Producer

Adam Shankman = Executive Producer

Adam Sandler as Skeeter Bronson

Keri Russell as Jill

Guy Pearce as Kendall

Russell Brand as Mickey

Richard Griffiths as Barry Nottingham

Teresa Palmer as Violet Nottingham

Lucy Lawless as Aspen

Courteney Cox as Wendy

Jonathan Morgan Heit as Patrick

Laura Ann Kesling as Bobbi

Jonathan Pryce as Marty Bronson

Nick Swardson as Engineer

Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. Dixon

Allen Covert as Ferrari Guy

Carmen Electra as Hot Girl

Tim Herlihy as Young Barry Nottingham

Thomas Hoffman as Young Skeeter

Abigail Leone Droeger as Young Wendy

Melany Mitchell as Young Mrs. Dixon

Andrew Collins as Young Mr. Dixon

Aisha Tyler as Donna Hynde

Julia Lea Wolov as Hokey Pokey Woman #1

Dana Min Goodman as Hokey Pokey Woman #2

Sarah G. Buxton as Hokey Pokey Woman #3

Catherine Kwong as Hokey Pokey Woman #4

Lindsey Alley as Hokey Pokey Woman #5

Blake Clark as Biker #1

Bill Romanowski as Biker #2

Paul Dooley as Hot Dog Vendor

Johntae Lipscomb as Birthday Party Kid #1

James Burdette Cowell as Birthday Party Kid #2

Mikey Post as Angry Dwarf

Sebastian Saraceno as Gremlin Driver

Seth Howard as Cubby the Home Depot Guy

Jackie Sandler as Lady Jacqueline

Sadie Sandler as Sweetest Medieval Girl of All Time

Valerie Gervickas as Teacher

Debbie Lee Carrington as Booing Goblin

Billy Tyler as Big Hairy Guy on Beach

Lorna Scott as Secretary

Annalise Basso as Tricia Sparks

Shu Lan Tuan as Luau Waitress

Jonathan Loughran as Party Guest #1

Robert 'Bob' Harvey as Party Guest #2

Mike Andrella as Truck Driver

J.D. Donaruma as Nottingham Pool Waiter

Jon Schueler as Nobleman

Denverly Grant as Lady at Fountain

Corey Anderson as Dancer

Alex Estornel as Dancer

Scott Fowler as Dancer

Jeremy Hudson as Dancer

Heather Morris as Dancer

Lacey Mae Schwimmer as Dancer

Rachele Smith as Dancer

Kelli Exum as Dancer

Tracy Phillips as Dancer

Travis Wall as Dancer

Janelle Ginestra as Dancer

Nadine Ellis as Dancer

Laurie Milan as Dancer

Tasha Tae as Dancer

Katerina Goode as Dancer

Criscilla Crossland as Dancer

Jennifer Strovas as Dancer

Hannah Douglass as Dancer

Kelly Cooper as Dancer

Gina Cantrell as Dancer

Nicole Sciacca as Dancer

Mecca Vazie Andrews as Dancer

Pete Brown as Claudius Falisimus (uncredited)

Rodrick Hersh as Rabbi (uncredited)

JT Alexander as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Veronica Bennett as Greek Goddess (uncredited)

Amanda Burrill as Jogger (uncredited)

Gina Cantrell as West Side Story Dancer (uncredited)

Jasmine Dustin as Charity (uncredited)

Betsy Hammer as Tambourine Player Medieval Band (uncredited)

Taylor Hardick as Student (uncredited)

Nick Hermz as Paparazzi (uncredited)

Mark Hunter as Daft Alien (uncredited)

Danni Katz as Party Girl (uncredited)

Alina Kaufman as Party Guest (uncredited)

Rob Schneider as Chief Running Mouth & Pickpocket (uncredited)

Nicole Sciacca as Damn Yankees Girl (uncredited)

Arne Starr as Nottingham Employee, Senator,

Cowboy & Spaceman (uncredited)

Kevin Vyce as Businessman #1 (uncredited)

Brian Waller as Record Producer (uncredited)

Shawna Wesley as Greek Goddess (uncredited)

Alex Chansky as Skeeter Stunt Double

Richard Bucher as Skeeter Stunt Double

Bryan Friday as Skeeter Stunt Double

Wesley Scott as Skeeter Stunt Double

Monty Stuart as Skeeter Stunt Double

Lisa Hoyle as Jill Stunt Double

Andy Dylan as Kendall Stunt Double

Colin Follenweider as Kendall Stunt Double

Michelle Serek as Violet Stunt Double

Eddie Perez as Stuntperson

Gary Guercio as Stuntperson

Dennis Keiffer as Stuntperson

Joey Anaya as Stuntperson

Brian Oerly as Stuntperson

Justin Sunquist as Stuntperson

Roel Failma as Stuntperson

Con Schell as Stuntperson

Nick Hermz as Stuntperson

Mark Kurr as Stuntperson

Cody Smith as Stuntperson

Caryn Mower as Stuntperson

Joni Avery as Stuntperson

Tammer Gill as Stuntperson

Greg Reynolds as Stuntperson

Alex Daniels as Stuntperson

Brian Collins as Stuntperson

Tom Dupont as Stuntperson

Tierre Turner as Stuntperson

Darrell Davis as Stuntperson

Kevin Derr as Stuntperson

Jon Epstein as Stuntperson

Dane Farwell as Stuntperson

Mark Ginther as Stuntperson

William Morts as Stuntperson

Larry Shorts as Stuntperson

Scott Sproule as Stuntperson

Anthony Centonze as Stuntperson

J. Mark Donaldson as Stuntperson

Martin Klerra as Stuntperson

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