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Bee Movie


Released 2008

Steve Hickner = Director

Simon J. Smith = Director

Jerry Seinfeld = Producer

Christina Steinberg = Producer

Cameron Stevning = Associate Producer

Mark Swift = Co-Producer

Jerry Seinfeld as Voice of Barry B. Benson

Rene Zellweger as Voice of Vanessa Bloome

Matthew Broderick as Voice of Adam Flayman

Patrick Warburton as Voice of Ken

John Goodman as Voice of Layton T. Montgomery

Chris Rock as Voice of Mooseblood

Kathy Bates as Voice of Janet Benson

Barry Levinson as Voice of Martin Benson

Larry King as Voice of Bee Larry King

Ray Liotta as Voice of Ray Liotta

Sting as Voice of Sting

Oprah Winfrey as Voice of Judge Bumbleton

Larry Miller as Voice of Buzzwell

Megan Mullally as Voice of Trudy

Rip Torn as Voice of Lou Lo Duca

Michael Richards as Voice of Bud Ditchwater

Mario Joyner as Voice of Jackson

Jim Cummings as Voices of Title Narrator & Graduation Announcer

Tom Papa as Voices of Splitz & Klauss Vanderhayden

Andy Robin as Voice of Jock #2

David Moses Pimentel as Voice of Hector

Chuck Martin as Voice of Andy

Conrad Vernon as Voice of Freddy

David Herman as Voices of Buzz, Bob Bumble & Pilot

Carol Leifer as Voice of Press Person #1

Jeff Altman as Voice of Uncle Carl

Brian Hopkins as Voices of Sandy Shrimpkin & TSA Agent

Tress MacNeille as Voices of Jeanette Chung, Mother & Cow

Nathan D. Morrissey as Voices of Boy Crying & Timmy

Olivia Mattingly as Voice of Little Girl

Simon J. Smith as Voices of Truck Driver & Chet

Geoff Witcher as Voices of Press Person #2 & Jock #1

John Di Maggio as Voices of Janitor & Bailiff

Barry Marder as Voice of Waterbug

Sean Bishop as Voice of Ladybug

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