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Beer For My Horses


Released 2008

Michael Salomon = Director

Toby Keith = Producer

Donald Zuckerman = Producer

Leslie Belzberg = Executive Producer

T. K. Kimbrell = Executive Producer

Toby Keith as Joe Bill 'Rack' Racklin

Myk Watford as Norvel

Rodney Carrington as Lonnie Luther Feldman

Kate Schroeder as Sandy

Keith Jardine as Jay Boy Simpson

Gina Gershon as Cammie

Christopher Cade as Jerry Buckey

Mike Miller as Peabody

Stelen Covel as Boy on Bridge #1

Sam Carrington as Boy on Bridge #2

Sarah Wilson as Girl Washing Car

Tish Rayburn-Miller as Mavis

Ted Nugent as Skunk

Gordo as Junior the Dog

Tom Skerritt as Sheriff Wilson Landry

Kevin Wiggins as Deputy Halderson

Chris Browning as Deputy Stippins

Greg Serano as Tito Garza

Mica Roberts as Bar singer

Mac Davis as Reverend J.D. Parker

Beth Bailey as Becky

Chad Brummett as Johnny Franks & Agent Levon Spurlock

Park Overall as Barbara

Claire Forlani as Annie Streets

Shane Marinson as Annie's Mom

Barry Corbin as Buck Baker

Curtis Armstrong as D.A. Levine

Mel Tillis as Bob the Plumber

Carlos Sanz as Manuel Garza

Cledus T. Judd as Donut Store Clerk

Brit Morgan as Harveyetta

Todd La Tourrette as Robber

Emelie O'Hara as Clerk at Truck Stop

Lia Knight as Radio Talkshow Host

Carlos A. Cabarcas as Pedro

April Garcia as Girl in Jeep #1

Angelique Midthunder as Girl in Jeep #2

Willie Nelson as Charlie

Larry Chavez as Giant

Mary Ames as Bearded Lady

John Hosteb as Flipper Boy

Heather Burns as Lobster Claw

Alexander Kaminski as Fire Breather

Jon Reigle as Tattooed Man

Danielle Brown as Two Ton Tina

Micah Alberti as Jeff

David Allan Coe as Gypsy Gene

Catt Greemwall as Gypsy #1

Ivy Rose Graham as Gypsy #2

Jackie Molen as Human Tripod

Suchitra Sangchaloay as Contortionist

Raymond Self as Circus Cook

Cindy Farslow as Exotic Body Painter

Clan Tinker as Circus Performer #1

Elijah Whippo as Circus Performer #2

Sara Whippo as Circus Performer #3

Rebeka Whippo as Circus Performer #4

Samuel Whippo as Circus Performer #5

Adam Carillo as Circus Performer #6

Paul Blott as Sniper Sam

Mark Povinelli as Merriweather

Ulysses Davis-Pease as Bathroom Gang Member #1

Michael Donathan as Bathroom Gang Member #2

Charles Dowdy as Bathroom Gang Member #3

Kaz McGee as Bathroom Gang Member #4

Luis Viveros as Bathroom Gang Member #5

Ray Aguayo as Chico

Dan Rather as Himself

Vincent Hickerson as Bar Band Member (as Trailer Choir)

Crystal Hoyt as Bar Band Member (as Trailer Choir)

Mark Fortney as Bar Band Member (as Trailer Choir)

Michael-David Aragon as Henchman #3 (uncredited)

Robert Anthony Brass as Diner Patron (uncredited)

Hayley Derryberry as Pedestrian w/car (uncredited)

Aynn Kirby as Bar patron #5 (uncredited)

Brady Romberg as Henchman #2 (uncredited)

Marc Schaffer as Henchman #1 (uncredited)

Suzanne Wilcox as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Mark Brooks as Stuntperson

Jeff Cadiente as Stuntperson

Laurence Chavez as Stuntperson

Trace Cheramie as Stuntperson

Tyra Danielle as Stuntperson

Eddie Fernandez as Stuntperson

Sean Graham as Stuntperson

Dan Lemieux as Stuntperson

David Manzanares as Stuntperson

Chris Monberg as Stuntperson

Derik Pritchard as Stuntperson

Rex Reddick as Stuntperson

Adam Rhett as Stuntperson

Brady Rombero as Stuntperson

Tomas Sanchez as Stuntperson

Marc Shaffer as Stuntperson

Jose Vasquez as Stuntperson

Alvin Zalamea as Stuntperson

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