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Christmas Adventure


Released 2011

John Putch = Director

Jeff Freilich = Producer

Ellen Rutter = Co-Producer

John Cleese as Narrator

Munro Chambers as Mason

Kim Rhodes as Christine

Jan Skene as Gal in Crowd & Stunt Person

Candace Smith as Pedestrian Woman

Robert Picardo as Smirch

Curtis Armstrong as Kenny

Kyle Massey as Henry

John O'Hurley as Mr. Rexford

Ryan Miller as Catty Elf

Shannon Jacques as Catty Elf's Friend & Stunt Person

Tom Arnold as voice of Beethoven

Tamra Ugro as Mom

Alan Castanaga as Dad & Stunt Person

Salty MacPherson as Little Kid

Kristen Sawatzky as Field Producer,

Marching Band Stunt #2 & Stunt Person

Reena Shah as Woman

Rick Skene as Keilbasa Vendor & Stunt Driver

John Kassir as voice of Stray Dog

Kristen Harris as Shopper #1

Kimberly Neufeld as Caroler #1

Celina Ross as Caroler #2

Sandra Bender as Caroler #3

Tristin Tergesen as Caroler #4

Conrad Siebert as Caroler #5

Howard Rempel as Caroler #6

Arne MacPherson as Policeman

Jon Ted Wynne as Crapenter

Dee Bradley Baker as voice of Animal Sounds

Allan Dunkeld as Mason Stunt Double

Dexter Bell as Henry Stunt Double

Glen Thompson as Smirch Stunt Double

Garth Merkeley as Kenny Stunt Double

Sean Skene as Policeman Stunt Double

Andrew Degryse as Salvation Army Santa

Lori MacKay as Marching Band Stunt #1 & Stunt Person

Eric Blais as Marching Band Stunt #3

B. J. Verot as Marching Band Stunt #4 & Stunt Person

Jacquie Loewen as Marching Band Stunt #5 & Stunt Person

Richard Thomas as Marching Band Stunt #6 & Stunt Person

Seun Olagunju as Marching Band Stunt #7

Shannon Guile as Marching Band Stunt #8 & Stunt Person

Rob Borges as Stunt Person

Tristan Carlucci as Stunt Person

Lance Cartwright as Stunt Person

Joel McGowan as Stunt Person

Carson Nattrass as Stunt Person

Derek Poplawski as Stunt Person

Terry Ray as Stunt Person

Cherissa Richards as Stunt Person

Sam Robinson as Stunt Person

Darren Ross as Stunt Person

Cindy Marie Small as Stunt Person

Ken St. Mars as Stunt Person

Anders Strome as Stunt Person

Jeff Strome as Stunt Person

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