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Released 1988

Tim Burton = Director

Michael Bender = Producer

Richard Hashimoto = Producer

Larry Wilson = Producer

Alec Baldwin as Adam Maitland

Geena Davis as Barbara Maitland

Annie McEnroe as Jane Butterfield

Maurice Page as Ernie

Hugo Stanger as Old Bill

Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice

Rachel Mittelman as Little Jane Butterfield

Catherine O'Hara as Delia Deetz

J. Jay Saunders as Moving Man #1

Mark Ettlinger as Moving Man #2

Jeffrey Jones as Charles Deetz

Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz

Glenn Shadix as Otho

Patrice Martinez as Receptionist

Cynthia 'Cindy' Daly as 3-Fingered Typist

Douglas Turner as Char Man

Carmen Filpi as Messenger

Simmy Bow as Janitor

Sylvia Sidney as Juno

Robert Goulet as Maxie Dean

Dick Cavett as Bernard

Susan Kellermann as Grace

Adelle Lutz as Beryl

Gary Jochimsen as Dumb Football Player

Bob Pettersen as Dumb Football Player #2

Duane Davis as Very Dumb Football Player

Maree (Marie) Cheatham as Sarah Dean

Tony Cox as Preacher

Jack Angel as Voice of Preacher

Charles Schneider as The Hanging Man (uncredited)

Fred Waugh as Stuntperson

James Lerner as Stuntperson

Mike Cassidy as Stuntperson

Maria Kelly as Stuntperson

Carl Ciarfalio as Stuntperson

Noon Orsatti as Stuntperson

Di Ann Lerner as Stuntperson

Fred Lerner as Stuntperson

Shinko Isobe as Stuntperson

Chris Thomas Palomino as Stuntperson

Pat Puccinelli as Stuntperson

Anthony Schmidt as Stuntperson

Mary Peters as Stuntperson

Beth Nufer as Stuntperson

Fred Spencer as Puppeteer

James McGeachy as Puppeteer

Kevin Carlson as Puppeteer

Mark Bryan Wilson as Puppeteer

Van Snowden as Puppeteer

Sandy Grinn as Puppeteer

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