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Bells of San Angelo


Released 1947

William Witney = Director

Edward J. White = Associate Producer

Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers

Trigger as Trigger, Roy's Horse

Dale Evans as Lee Madison

Andy Devine as Cookie Bullfincher

John McGuire as Rex Gridley

Olaf Hytten as Lionel Bates

David Sharpe as Henchman Ulrich

Fritz Leiber as Padre

Hank Patterson as Deaf Bus Passenger

Fred 'Snowflake' Toones as The Cook

Eddie Acuff as Bus Driver

Bob Nolan as Bob

Sons of the Pioneers as Musicians

Doc Adams as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Pat Brady as Pat, Sons of the Pioneers (uncredited)

Keefe Brasselle as Ignacio (uncredited)

Roy Bucko as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Whitey Christy as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Victor Cox as Bus Passenger (uncredited)

Art Dillard as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Hugh Farr as Fiddle Player (uncredited)

Karl Farr as Guitar Player Karl (uncredited)

Fred Graham as Mine henchman guarding Lee (uncredited)

Silver Harr as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Jay Kirby as Rider (uncredited)

James Linn as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Kansas Moehring as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Eddie Parker as Mine henchman (uncredited)

Post Park as Mine Henchman (uncredited)

Rex Rossi as Ramon (uncredited)

Tim Spencer as Tim (uncredited)

Charles Sullivan as Henchman Roberts (uncredited)

Ray Turner as Buck (uncredited)

Dale Van Sickel as Henchman Mike (uncredited)

Luana Walters as Lodge Clerk (uncredited)

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