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Released 1959

William Wyler = Director

Sam Zimbalist = Producer

Charlton Heston as Judah Ben-Hur

Jack Hawkins as Quintus Arrius

Haya Harareet as Esther

Stephen Boyd as Messala

Hugh Griffith as Sheik Ilderim

Martha Scott as Miriam

Cathy O'Donnell as Tirzah

Sam Jaffe as Simonides

Finlay Currie as Balthasar & Narrator

Frank Thring as Pontius Pilate

Terence Longdon as Drusus

George Relph as Tiberius Caesar

André Morell as Sextus

Les Ballets Africains as Dancers at Roman Banquet (uncredited)

Ady Berber as Malluch (uncredited)

Marina Berti as Flavia (uncredited)

Hugh Billingsley as Mario (uncredited)

Jerry Brown as The Corinthian (uncredited)

Robert Brown as Chief of Rowers (uncredited)

Lando Buzzanca as Jewish Slave in the Desert (uncredited)

Joe Canutt as Sportsman (uncredited)

Otello Capanna as The Byzantine (uncredited)

Emile Carrer as Rower No. 28 (uncredited)

Richard Coleman as Metellus (uncredited)

Antonio Corevi as Senator (uncredited)

Michael Cosmo as Raimondo (uncredited)

Alfredo Danesi as The Armenian (uncredited)

David Davies as Quaestor (uncredited)

Princess Carmen de Hohenlohe as Guest at Banquet (uncredited)

Victor De La Fosse as Galley Officer (uncredited)

Liana Del Balzo as Guest at Banquet (uncredited)

Mino Doro as Gratus (uncredited)

Michael Dugan as Seaman (uncredited)

Franco Fantasia as Roman Soldier (uncredited)

Dino Fazio as Marcello (uncredited)

Enzo Fiermonte as Galley Officer (uncredited)

Giuliano Gemma as Roman Officer with Messala (uncredited)

John Glenn as Rower No. 42 (uncredited)

José Greci as Mary (uncredited)

Richard Hale as Gaspar (uncredited)

Claude Heater as Jesus, The Christ (uncredited)

John Horsley as Spintho (uncredited)

Eddie Juaregui as The Athenian (uncredited)

Bill Kuehl as Soldier (uncredited)

Duncan Lamont as Marius (uncredited)

Howard Lang as Hortator (uncredited)

Stevenson Lang as Blind Man (uncredited)

Lord Layton as Good Thief on Cross (uncredited)

John Le Mesurier as Doctor (uncredited)

Tutte Lemkow as Leper (uncredited)

Cliff Lyons as The Lubian (uncredited)

Luigi Marra as The Syrian (uncredited)

Ferdy Mayne as Captain of Rescue Ship (uncredited)

May McAvoy as Woman in crowd (uncredited)

Nona Medici as Guest at Banquet (uncredited)

Tiberio Mitri as Roman at Bath (uncredited)

Aldo Mozele as Barca (uncredited)

Thomas O'Leary as Starter at Race (uncredited)

Remington Olmstead as Decurian (uncredited)

Laurence Payne as Joseph (uncredited)

Aldo Pial as Cavalry Officer (uncredited)

Aldo Pini as Bad Thief on Cross (uncredited)

Diego Pozzetto as Villager (uncredited)

Edwin Richfield as Supplier to Leper Colony (uncredited)

Hector Ross as Officer (uncredited)

Maxwell Shaw as Rower No. 43 (uncredited)

Noel Sheldon as Centurion (uncredited)

Aldo Silvani as Man in Nazareth (uncredited)

Reginald Lal Singh as Melchior (uncredited)

Gianni Solaro as Galley Officer (uncredited)

Pietro Tordi as Pilate's Servant (uncredited)

Giuseppe Tosi as Chariot Driver (uncredited)

Ralph Truman as Aide to Tiberius (uncredited)

Raimondo Van Riel as Old Man (uncredited)

Stella Vitelleschi as Amrah (uncredited)

Dervis Ward as Jailer (uncredited)

Irina Wassilchikoff as Guest at Banquet (uncredited)

Joe Yrigoyen as The Egyptian, Chariot Racer (uncredited)

Nazzareno Zamperla as Roman Soldier with a Bow on Galley (uncredited)

Bill Babcock as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Jerry Brown as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Joe Canutt as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Tap Canutt as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Michael Dugan as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Mickey Gilbert as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Eddie Juaregui as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Cliff Lyons as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Nosher Powell as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Glenn Randall Jr. as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Boyd Stockman as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Joe Yrigoyen as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Ian Yule as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Nazzareno Zamperla as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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