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Released 1974

Joe Camp = Director

Joe Camp = Producer

Erwin Hearne = Associate Producer

Ben Vaughn = Associate Producer

Ed Vanston = Executive Producer

Patsy Garrett as Mary

Allen Fiuzat as Paul

Cynthia Smith as Cindy

Peter Breck as Dr. Chapman

Frances Bavier as Lady with the Cat

Terry Carter as Officer Tuttle

Edgar Buchanan as Bill

Tom Lester as Riley

Christopher Connelly as Henry

Deborah Walley as Linda

Mark Slade as Mitch

Herb Vigran as Lt. Samuels

Larry Swartz as Floyd

J. D. Young as Second Policeman

Erwin Hearne as Mr. Harvey

Katie Hearne as Mrs. Harvey

Don Puckett as Plainclothesman

Ed DeLatte as Bob Fielding

Victor Raider-Wexler as Payton Murrah

Charles Starkey as Custodian

Ben Vaughn as Man

Joey Camp III as Newspaper Boy

Vicki Vanston as Girl 1

Jacqueline Ann Smith as Girl 2

Bill King as Groundskeeper

Robert Thomas as Second Custodian

Rene Marrou as Player (uncredited)

Biff Painter as Player (uncredited)

Higgins the Dog as Benji (uncredited)

January L'Angelle as Student (uncredited)

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