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Benji Off The Leash


Released 2004

Joe Camp = Director

Joe Camp = Producer

Margaret A. Loesch = Producer

Tim Tortora = Associate Producer

Joe Camp III = Co-Producer

Jack Lewis = Executive Producer

Phoebe Lewis = Executive Producer

Sherman Muths III = Executive Producer

Sherman Muths Jr. = Executive Producer

Jim Ritchie = Executive Producer

Roy C. Williams = Executive Producer

Nick Whitaker as Colby

Nate Bynum as Ozzie

Chris Kendrick as Hatchett

Randall Newsome as Livingston

Duane Stephens as Sheldon

Christy Summerhays as Colby's Mom

Carlton Bluford as Delivery Kid

Neal Barth as Zacharia Finch

Melinda Haynes as Shelter Director

Jeff Olson as Market Owner

Kathleen Camp as Nancy, Voice of Merlin,

Phoenix Broadcaster & Voice of Zelda Pinkstrum

Lincoln Hoppe as Radio Announcer

Joey Miyashima as Veterinarian

Scott Wilkinson as Movie Producer

Benji as Herself & Voice of

Sally Sue as Benji at 8 Weeks

Odola as Benji at 4 Months

Shaggy as Lizard Tongue & Voice of

Ginger as Benji's Mom

Gypsy as Merlin

Margaret Loesch as Chicago Newscaster

Dava Whisenant as Atlanta Newscaster

Joe Camp as Twin Cities Newscaster

Jerry Lousteau as Businessman on street (uncredited)

Jeff Chumas as Stuntperson

Christopher Judkins as Stuntperson

Bill MacIntosh as Stuntperson

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