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Best of the Best


Released 1989

Robert Radler = Director

Phillip Rhee = Producer

Peter E. Strauss = Producer

Deborah Scott = Associate Producer

Frank Giustra = Executive Producer

Michael Holzman = Executive Producer

Eric Roberts as Alex Grady

Phillip Rhee as Tommy Lee

James Earl Jones as Frank Couzo

Sally Kirkland as Catherine Wade

Christopher 'Chris' Penn as Travis Brickley

John Dye as Virgil Keller

David Agresta as Sonny Grasso

Tom Everett as Don Peterson

Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Grady

John P. Ryan as Jennings

Edan Gross as Walter Grady

Simon Rhee as Dae Han Park

Master Hee Il Cho as Korean Coach

James Lew as Sae Jin Kwon

Ken Nagayama as Yung Kim

Master Ho Sik Pak as Han Cho

Dae Kyu Chang as Tung Sung Moon

Diane Mizrahi as Nurse

Cal Bartlett as Dr. Weisman

Ahmad Rashad as Himself

Edward Bunker as Stan

Helen Funai as Tommy's Mother

Eugene Choe as Little Tommy

R. Lee Telford as Referee #1

Ricky Barnard as Referee #2

Danny Gibson as Referee #3

Greg Williams as Refere #4

David Rody as Announcer (Try Out)

Samantha Scully as Carol Ann

Adrianne Sachs as Kelly

Melanie Kinnaman as The Woman

Kane Hodder as Burt

Steve Hulin as Buzz Cut

Pete Antico as Townie #1

William H. Burton as Townie #2

Steve Santosusso as Townie #3

Orion Masters as Gate Attendant

Miriam Ezra as Tommy's Secretary

Jonathan Strauss as Boy #1

Jeffery Jagger as Boy #2

David Park as Tommy's Older Brother

Chang Park Kim as Korean Referee

Kwang Jae Lee as Korean Announcer

Michael E. Burgess as Tournament Fighter (uncredited)

Fabian Carrillo as Tournament Fighter (uncredited)

Mylo Ironbear as Tournament Fighter (uncredited)

Clay Lilley as Stuntperson

Jack Verbois as Stuntperson

Bobby Burns as Stuntperson

Steve Picerni as Stuntperson

Don Charles McGovern as Stuntperson

Gil Combs as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

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