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Best of the Best 2


Released 1993

Robert Radler = Director

Phillip Rhee = Producer

Peter E. Strauss = Producer

Deborah Scott = Co-Producer

Marlon Staggs = Co-Producer

Frank Giustra = Executive Producer

Peter E. Strauss = Executive Producer

Eric Roberts as Alex Grady

Phillip Rhee as Tommy Lee

Christopher 'Chris' Penn as Travis Brickley

Edan Gross as Walter Grady

Ralph Moeller as Brakus

Meg Foster as Sue MacCauley

Sonny Landham as James

Wayne Newton as Weldon

Betty Carvalho as Grandma

Simon Rhee as Dae Han

Claire Stansfield as Greta

Hayward Nishioka as Sae Jin Kwon

Ken Nagayama as Yung June

Frank Salsedo as Charlie

Stefanos Miltsakakis as Stavros

Myung Kue Kim as Khan

Patrick Kilpatrick as Finch

Mike Genovese as Gus

Nicholas Worth as Sick Humor

Matt Thomas as Soft Voice

Edward Bunker as Spotlight Operator

David Rody as Slimy Man

John Charles Sheeham as Front Doorman

Kane Hodder as Backdoor Man

Randy Gomes as Policeman

Robert Radler as Floor Manager

Harry Hauss as Helicopter Pilot

Buckley Norris as Gambler

Rain Ivana as Teller

Cliff Emmich as Texan

Alex Desir as Andre Marais

Lionel Washington as Hammer

Amanda Barry as Bartender

Albie Selznick as Man in Crowd

Melissa Holgate as Woman in Crowd

Christine Soustre as Woman in Bar

Manny Perry as Gunman in Desert

Cristy Thom as Girl at Restaurant

Randy Falcon as Native Indian

Bob Lewis as Minister

Rusty Meyers as TV Reporter

Jonathan Strauss as Boy Basketball Player

Jeff Olan as Security Guard

Günther Ziegler as Security Guard

Karine Luquet as Choreographed Dancer

Samantha Mills as Choreographed Dancer

Cassandra Smith as Choreographed Dancer

Jennifer West as Choreographed Dancer

Melanie Brown as Platform Dancer

Jill Gustafson as Platform Dancer

Tandy Hall as Platform Dancer

Charlene Langworthy as Platform Dancer

Barbara Smith as Platform Dancer

Rene Beard as Spectator (uncredited)

David Boreanaz as Extra (uncredited)

Andrea Carlson as Extra (uncredited)

Chris Carnel as Barkus Sparring Partner (uncredited)

James Choi as Barkus Sparring Partner (uncredited)

Kelly Clayton as Barkus Sparring Partner (uncredited)

Bryan Hanna as Tae-Kwon-Do Instructor & Judge (uncredited)

Peter Iacangelo III as Black Belt Candidate (uncredited)

André Lima as Barkus Sparring Partner (uncredited)

Keaton Simons as Older Boy (uncredited)

Michael Treanor as Extra (uncredited)

Charlie Picerni Sr. as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Steve Picerni as Stuntperson

Steve Hulin as Stuntperson

Carl Ciarfalio as Stuntperson

Billy Barton Jr. as Stuntperson

Pete Antico as Stuntperson

Chuck Zito as Stuntperson

Dean Nelson as Stuntperson

Robert Lennon as Stuntperson

Don McGovern as Stuntperson

Rick Kahana as Stuntperson

Eric M. Miller as Stuntperson

Kirk Beebe as Stuntperson

Denney Pierce as Stuntperson

Darryl Chan as Stuntperson

Jeff Jensen as Stuntperson

Kanin Howell as Stuntperson

Jeffrey G. Barnett as Stuntperson

Kurt Bryant as Stuntperson

Steven Lambert as Stuntperson

Gene LeBell as Stuntperson

David LeBell as Stuntperson

Vincent Lyn as Stuntperson

Eric Mansker as Stuntperson

Steve Santosusso as Stuntperson

Vince Deadrick Jr. as Stuntperson

Danny Epper as Stuntperson

Charlie Skeen as Stuntperson

Eric Norris as Stuntperson

Frank Lloyd as Stuntperson

Irving E. Lewis as Stuntperson

David Lea as Stuntperson

Randy Lamb as Stuntperson

Jerry Corker as Stuntperson

Bob Arnold as Stuntperson

Mark Ivie as Stuntperson

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