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Best of the Best 3

No Turning Back


Released 1995

Phillip Rhee = Director

Phillip Rhee = Producer

Peter E. Strauss = Producer

Stacy Cohen = Associate Producer

Deborah Scott = Co-Producer

Frank Giustra = Executive Producer

Marlon Staggs = Executive Producer

Phillip Rhee as Tommy Lee

Christopher McDonald as Sheriff Jack Banning

Gina Gershon as Margo Preston

Mark Rolston as Donnie Hansen

Peter Simmons as Owen Tucker

Christina Anzu Lawson as Karen Banning

Dee Wallace-Stone as Georgia

Michael Bailey Smith as Tiny

Justin Brentley as Luther Phelps Jr.

Andra R. Ward as Rev. Luther Phelps Sr.

Barbara Boyd as Isabel Jackson

Kitao Sakurai as Justin Banning

Cole S. McKay as Bo & Stuntperson

Steve Hulin as Tre & Stuntperson

Jack C. Thomas as Mr. Morgan

Jerra Nicol Thompson as Teenage Choirgirl

John Robert Thompson as Mayor Wilson

Jonathan McCurdy as Owen's Brother

Dylan Howard Young as Davey

C. David Earle as Gate Guard

George Wilson as Shopkeeper

Dean Nelson as Donnie's Henchman

Kenny Elliott as Donnie's Henchman

David Rody as Arms Dealer

Anntoinette Hendrix as Choir Soloist

Stephany Anderson as Choir Member

Kevin Asbell as Choir Member

Alfred Bailey as Choir Member

Angela M. Brown as Choir Member

Kevin Clark as Choir Member

Tyron Cooper as Choir Member

Pamela J. Davis as Choir Member

Zshalandra Dufor as Choir Member

Rubén C. Flores as Choir Member

Jason Foreman as Choir Member

Marshella Griffin as Choir Member

Trevis Harris as Choir Member

Bill Hicks as Choir Member

Arthur E. Hinton III as Choir Member

Roberta James as Choir Member

Samuel Douglass James II as Choir Member

Julius Lee as Choir Member

Elisabeth Manns as Choir Member

Sonya G. Marshall as Choir Member

Michelle Mitchell as Choir Member

Dawn R. Moore as Choir Member

Tashell L. Neal as Choir Member

Jennifer M. Ramakers as Choir Member

K. Nichelle Stuart as Choir Member

Syrilda J. Tharpe as Choir Member

Danielle D. Talley as Choir Member

Benjamin A. Thompson as Choir Member

Clarisa Tubbs as Choir Member

Camellia Wade as Choir Member

Mark Chemeleski as Martial Artist

Jeffrey Haris as Martial Artist

Tee as Rosie

Harry Hauss as Helicopter Pilot

Sean Michael Arthur as Gang Member (uncredited)

John E. Blazier as Trucker & Neo-Nazi (uncredited)

Christopher Canary as CAC Member (uncredited)

R. Lee Ermey as Preacher Brian (uncredited)

Reese Foster as Gang Member (uncredited)

Keith Schrader as Crowd Member (uncredited)

Steven Ito as Stuntperson

Chris Carnel as Stuntperson

Brent Fletcher as Stuntperson

Kane Hodder as Stuntperson

Mike Jones as Stuntperson

Alan Jordan as Stuntperson

Kurt D. Lott as Stuntperson

Jordan J. Perry as Stuntperson

Denney Pierce as Stuntperson

Erik Stabenau as Stuntperson

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