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Best of the Best 4

Without Warning


Released 1998

Phillip Rhee = Director

Phillip Rhee = Producer

Peter E. Strauss = Producer

Steve Rundell = Co-Producer

Blondel Aidoo = Co-Producer

Jed Daly = Co-Producer

Frank Giustra = Executive Producer

Phillip Rhee as Tommy Lee

Ernie Hudson as Detective Gresko

Tobin Bell as Lukasz Slava

Thure Riefenstein as Yuri Slava

Jessica Collins as Karina

Christopher 'Chris' Lemmon as Jack Jarvis

Paul Gleason as Father Gil

Art LaFleur as Big Joolie

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Boris

Jessica Huang as Stephanie Lee

Jill Ritchie as Mickey

Ilia Volok as Ilya

Garrett Warren as Viktor

David 'Shark' Fralick as Oleg

Monte Rex Perlin as Sergi

Marco Verdier as Black Cop

Terrence R. Stone as Cop #1

Robert Tyler as Cop #2

Michael Colton as Rookie

Fariborz Azhakh as Martial Artist

Damon Caro as Martial Artist

Robert Chan as Martial Artist

Richard Cietrone as Martial Artist

Joel Clark as Martial Artist

Jaimie De La Vega as Martial Artist

Darrell Dubrois as Martial Artist

Kenny Elliott as Martial Artist

James Finn as Martial Artist

Michael Finn as Martial Artist

Morgan Gordon as Martial Artist

Jeff Harris as Martial Artist

Sameer Khedekar as Martial Artist

Reynaldo Laureano as Martial Artist

Michael Mendoza as Martial Artist

Mike Mukatis as Martial Artist

J. D. Rifkin as Martial Artist

German Schneider as Martial Artist

Steve Tarani as Martial Artist

Adam Zaffos as Martial Artist

Brent Fletcher as Stuntperson

Ken Clark as Stuntperson

Chris Carnel as Stuntperson

Norman Howell as Stuntperson

Brian Imada as Stuntperson

Mike McCoy as Stuntperson

Kurt D. Lott as Stuntperson

Mark Stefanich as Stuntperson

Danny Epper as Stuntperson

Gregg Brazzel as Stuntperson

Danny Weselis as Stuntperson

J. J. Perry as Stuntperson

Steven Ito as Stuntperson

Al Foster as Stuntperson

Rob King as Stuntperson

Rick Barker as Stuntperson

Don 'Fox' Greene as Stuntperson

Brett A. Jones as Stuntperson

Scott Leva as Stuntperson

Jane Austin as Stuntperson

John Moio as Stuntperson

Daniel Dvorsky as Stuntperson

Scott Arnold as Stuntperson

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