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The Beverly Hillbillies


Released 1993

Penelope Spheeris = Director

Ian Bryce = Producer

Penelope Spheeris = Producer

Jim Varney as Jed Clampett

Diedrich Bader as Jethro Bodine

Erika Eleniak as Elly May Clampett

Cloris Leachman as Granny

Lily Tomlin as Miss Jane Hathaway

Lea Thompson as Laura Jackson

Dolly Parton as Herself

Rob Schneider as Woodrow Tyler

Dabney Coleman as Milburn Drysdale

Penny Fuller as Mrs. Margaret Drysdale

Kevin Connolly as Morgan Drysdale

Linda Carlson as Aunt Pearl

Lyman Ward as Chief Gallo

Leann Hunley as Miss Arlington

Ernie Lively as Briggs

David L. Crowley as Danforth

Michael 'Mike' Cassidy as Waters

David Byrd as Mr. Mackey

Patrick Cranshaw as Reverend Mason

Buddy Ebsen as Barnaby Jones

Eric 'Sparky' Edwards as Fat Elmer

Zsa Zsa Gabor as Herself

Mickey Jones as Spittin' Sam

Robert Easton as Mayor Amos Jasper

Don McNatt as Billy Bob

James Schmid as Derek

Branden R. Morgan as Jake

Charlie Heath as Lance

James O'Sullivan as Coach

Annalee Spheeris as Girl in Car

Amy Golden as Girl in Bathroom

Eddie De Harp as Guard at Wedding

John Ashker as Guy in Jeep

Tony Duenas as Gang Member

Nina Beesley as Clampett Maid

Ronan O'Casey as Man at Party

Gary Cervantes as Carlos

Gregory Wallace as Male Nurse

Sid Newman as Gabe

Taylor Gilbert as Woman at Party

Marti Muller as Woman at Party

Shawn Modrell as Flight Attendant

Gordon Ross as Hank

Carmen Filpi as Frank

Dorene Baker as Dancer

Leslie Cook as Dancer

Jerre Dye as Dancer

Anushka Jones as Dancer

Birl Jonns as Dancer

Stan Mazin as Dancer

Charles McGowan as Dancer

Lisa Montgomery as Dancer

Michael B. Moynahan as Dancer

Mike Norris as Dancer

Randi Pareira as Dancer

Joan Pierce as Dancer

Beverly Polcyn as Dancer

Marcia A. Rice as Dancer

Victoria Stevens as Dancer

John W. Woodruff as Dancer

Dick Cunico as Musician

Skip Fesselmeyer as Musician

Archie Francis as Musician

George Foster as Musician

Lisa Haley as Musician

George Highfill as Musician

Brantley Kearns as Musician

Jack Lowell as Musician

Vern Monnett as Musician

Bobby Reeves as Musician

Barbara 'Babs' Friedkin as Backup Singer

Chaille Hamilton Percival as Backup Singer

Jason Roberts as Delivery Boy (uncredited)

Ryal Haakenson as Businessman/Driver (uncredited)

Mary Kircher as Clog Dancer (uncredited)

Melissa S. Markess as Clogging Dancer (uncredited)

Ellen Christopher as Stuntperson

Annie Ellis as Stuntperson

Debbie Evans as Stuntperson

Dana Dru Evenson as Stuntperson

Gary L. Guercio as Stuntperson

Steven R. King as Stuntperson

Linda L. C. Madalone as Stuntperson

Gary Morgtan as Stuntperson

Noon Orsatti as Stuntperson

Tricia Peters as Stuntperson

Jim 'Monster Truck' Ries as Stuntperson

Lynn Salvatori as Stuntperson

Cherie Tash as Stuntperson

Kari Toth as Stuntperson

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