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Released 2005

Nora Ephron = Director

Nora Ephron = Producer

Lucy Fisher = Producer

Penny Marshall = Producer

Douglas Wick = Producer

Dianne Dreyer = Associate Producer

Mary Pat Walsh = Associate Producer

Steven H. Berman = Executive Producer

Bobby Cohen = Executive Producer

James W. Skotchdopole = Executive Producer

Nicole Kidman as Isabel Bigelow & Samantha

Will Ferrell as Jack Wyatt & Darrin

Shirley MacLaine as Iris Smythson & Endora

Michael Caine as Nigel Bigelow

Jason Schwartzman as Ritchie

Kristin Chenoweth as Maria Kelly

Heather Burns as Nina

Jim Turner as Larry

Stephen Colbert as Stu Robison

David Alan Grier as Jim Fields

Michael Badalucco as Joey Props

Carole Shelley as Aunt Clara

Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur

Katie Finneran as Sheila Wyatt

James Lipton as Himself

Conan O'Brien as Himself

Amy Sedaris as Gladys Kravitz

Richard Kind as Abner Kravitz

Ken Hudson Campbell as Writer

P.J. Byrne as Writer

Carol (Carole) Androsky as Realtor

Annie Mumolo as Bed, Bath and Beyond Shopper

Andrew Friedman as Bed, Bath and Beyond Shopper

Clay Bravo as Coffee Shop Waitress

Heather Freedman as Beverly Hills Hotel Hostess

Jonathan T. Floyd as Cable Man

Ed McMahon as Himself

Alison MacInnis as Auditioning Actress

Bridget Ann Brno as Auditioning Actress

Dana Daurey as Auditioning Actress

Dorie Barton as Auditioning Actress

Katharine (Katie) Carroll as Auditioning Actress

Jennifer Elise Cox as Auditioning Actress

Laura Sorenson as Auditioning Actress

Brittany Paige as Auditioning Actress

Dawn Ashley Cook as Auditioning Actress

Julia Schuler as Auditioning Actress

Abbey McBride as Auditioning Actress

Jennifer Hall as Book Soup Cafe Waitress

Roxanne Beckford as Francine

Hugh Davidson as Network Executive

Joe Zymblosky as Randall

J.J. Sacha as Voice-Over Announcer

Susan Chuang as Press Conference Reporter

Jordan Black as Press Conference Photographer

Mo Rocca as E! Reporter

Jason Winston George as E! Anchor

Wendi McLendon-Covey as E! Anchor

Julie Claire as Hillary

Terry Savage as Dinner Party Guest

Dianne Dreyer as Production Staff Assistant

Kate Walsh as Sexy Waitress

Valerie Azlynn as Gorgeous Model

Jarrad Paul as Valet

Victor Williams as Police Officer

Liesel Staubitz as Trick-or-Treater

Ruby Rose Skotchdopole as Trick-or-Treater

Molly Gordon as Trick-or-Treater

Nick Lachey as Vietnam Soldier

Stephen Cobos as Teen (uncredited)

Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens (archive footage)

Todd Stashwick as Hall Smith (scenes deleted)

Dick York as Darrin Stephens (archive footage)

Colleen Dunn as Dance Double (uncredited)

Jennifer Haworth as Dinner Party Guest (uncredited)

Aj Katana as GRIP#1 (uncredited)

Chrissy May as Samantha Auditioner (uncredited)

Mina Olivera as Party waitress (uncredited)

Scott Alan Smith as Dinner Party Guest (uncredited)

Larry Sullivan as Dinner Party Guest (uncredited)

Danielle Weeks as Auditioning witch (uncredited)

Regina Bailey as Stuntperson

Stacey Howell Brown as Stuntperson

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

Max Daniels as Stuntperson

Darrell Craig Davis as Stuntperson

Colleen Dunn as Stuntperson

Allen Robinson as Stuntperson

John Robotham as Stuntperson

Patricia Tallmam as Stuntperson

Thom Williams as Stuntperson

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