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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2


Released 2010

Alex Zamm = Director

Brad Krevoy = Producer

Mike Callaghan = Executive Producer

Sara E. White = Executive Producer

Marcus Coloma as Sam Cortez

Erin Cahill as Rachel Ashe

Susan Blakely as Aunt Viv Ashe

Lupe Ontiveros as Mrs. Cortez

Castulo Guerra as Mr. Cortez

Rance Howard as Preacher

Elaine Hendrix as Colleen Mansfield

Brian Stepanek as Mr. Kroop

Phill Lewis as Judge McKible

French Stewart as Dog Show Commentator

Morgan Fairchild as Dog Show Commentator

Clark Freeman as Officer Ketcham

Pat Asanti as Police Sergeant

Christine Lakin as Denise Wingate

George Russo as Inspector #3

Jose Hernandez as Mariachi Singer

George Lopez as Voice of Papi

Odette (Annable) Yustman as Voice of Chloe

Miguel Ferrer as Voice of Delgado

Ernie Hudson as Voice of Pedro

Zachary Gordon as Voice of Papi Jr.

Chantilly Spalan as Voice of Rosa

Emily Osment as Voice of Pep

Madison Pettis as Voice of Lala

Delaney Jones as Voice of Ali

Tom Kenny as Voice of Sebastian

Loretta Devine as Voice of Delta

Bridgit Mendler as Voice of Appoline

Alyssa Milano as Voice of Biminy

Jon Donahue as Voice of Antonio

Jon Huertas as Voice of Alberto

Cathy Giannone as Voice of Dog Park Dog

Romy Rosemont as Voice of Min Pin Dog

Susan Graham as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Erin Pickett as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Jahnel Curfman as Woman Inspector (uncredited)

Mannie Sousa as Guy (uncredited)

Mohammad Kavianpour as Officer Gordon (uncredited)

Ethan Stone as Police officer (uncredited)

Erica Bardin as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Andrea Gold Robinson as Cowboy Woman with Dogs (uncredited)

Selena Johnson as Bank Teller (uncredited)

Todd Bouldin as Dog Show Attendee (uncredited)

Rick L. Dean as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Jahnel Curfman as Stuntperson

Max Daniels as Stuntperson

John Dixon as Stuntperson

Paul Eliopoulos as Stuntperosn

Tim Sitarz as Stuntperson

Lee Whittaker as Stuntperson

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