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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3

Viva La Fiesta


Released 2012

Lev L. Spiro = Director

Sara E. White = Producer

Marcus Coloma as Sam Cortez

Erin Cahill as Rachel Ashe Cortez

Cedric Yarbrough as Hollis

Frances Fisher as Amelia James

Briana Lane as Jenny

Sebastian Roche as Chef Didier

Jason Brooks as Mr. Montague

Kyle Gass as Lester

Amanda Fuller as Spa Employee

Michael Lanahan as Bellhop #1

Sam Pancake as Frederick

Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo as Hotel Security Guard

& voice of Humberto

Jeff Witzke as Cook

Garen Boyajian as Bellhop #2

J. P. Manoux as Gustavo

Cara Santana as Jillian

Yuri Everson as Puppeteer

David Penikas as Puppeteer

George Lopez as voice of Papi

Odette Annable as voice of Chloe

Ernie Hudson as voice of Pedro

Kay Panabaker as voice of Rosa

Logan Grove as voice of Papi Jr.

Emily Osment as voice of Pep

Madison Pettis as voice of Lala

Delaney Jones as voice of Ali

Tom Kenny as voice of Sebastian

Jake Busey as voice of Oscar

Lacey Chabert as voice of Charlotte

Miguel Ferrer as voice of Delgado

Phil LaMarr as voice of Diega &

Black Labbdeth Guitaist

Nick Eversman as voice of Phil

Lev L. Spiro as volice of Black Labbeth Guitarist

Jon Curry as voice of Gunther

Tamiko Brownlee as Jenny Stunt Double

Rocky Lee Dickey as Stunt Person

Michael McGuire as Stunt Person

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