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The Big Bang


Released 2011

Tony Krantz = Director

Erik Jendresen = Producer

Tony Krantz = Producer

Richard Rionda Del Castro = Producer

Reece Pearson = Co-Producer

Rich Cowan = Executive Producer

Ross M. Dinerstein = Executive Producer

Patricia Eberle = Executive Producer

Cassian Elwes = Executive Producer

Gary Howsam = Executive Producer

Richard Salvatore = Executive Producer

Lewin Webb = Executive Producer

Antonio Banderas as Ned Cruz

Thomas Kretschmann as Frizer

William Fichtner as Poley

Delroy Lindo as Skeres

Robert Ernie Lee as Russell

James Van Der Beek as Adam Nova

Robert Maillet as Anton 'The Pro'[ Protopov

Rachel Handler as Minkowski's Stripper

Sean Cook as Bartender

Tracy Culp as Female Porn Star

Snoop Dogg as Puss

Rebecca Mader as Zooey Wigner

Bill Duke as Drummer

Sienna Guillory as Julie Kestral & Lexie Persimmon

Khanh Doan as Mail Carrier

Autumn Reeser as Fay Neman

Keith MacGeagh as Sikh

Sam Elliott as Simon Kestral

Jimmi Simpson as Niels Geck

Anthony Holmes as Jazz Band Member

Lindel Reason as Jazz Band Member

Carlos Verde Jr. as Jazz Band Member

Al Martinez as Janitor

Chandra Bailey as Stripper in Minkowski's

Janelle Hoffmeister as Stripper in Minkowski's

Kristi Klicker as Stripper in Minkowski's

Katrina McKinley as Stripper in Minkowski's

Adrienne Thommes as Stripper in Minkowski's

Bill Marlowe as Skinny Faddeev

Devin Barber as Russian Orthodox Priest

William Baker as Mourner

Rick Ehrenstrasser as Mourner

Donald Holmes as Mourner

Sandra Kidd as Mourner

Michael Mossuto as Mourner

Florence Moyle as Mourner

Jim Shorts as Mourner

Sandra Sicilia as Mourner

Johnathon Taylor Prichard as Male Porn Star

Shane Rice as Male Porn Star

Bange as Camera Man

Vincent Aurora as Boom Operator

Reece Pearson as Clapper Guy

Jason Penrod as Man in White Robe

Tye Scott as Man in White Robe

Robert Martin as LAPD Cop

Nancy Gasper as Nurse

Brent Schneider as Hospital Intern

Courtney Yarber as Hospital Intern

Laura Van Der Lind as Kepler's Waitress

Lance Ortega as Sikh in Planck's Café

Laynee Busse as Planck's Cafe Waitress

Mike Nolan as Warden

Bradley Hollibaugh as Prison Guard

Balkar Singh as Sikh in Collider

Darbara Singh as Sikh in Collider

Amandeep Kaur as Hindu Woman

Raymond Biddle as Strip Club Patron (uncredited)

Kent Kimball as Strip Club Patron (uncredited)

Jillian Kramer as Dancer (uncredited)

Dino Dos Santos as Cruz Stunt Double

Oakley Lehman as Cruz & Poley Stunt Double

Amy Davis as Julie Krestral Stunt Double

Eddie Nickerson as Russian Boxer Stuntperson

Brian Hite as Bouncer #1 Stuntperson

Dan Bell as Bouncer #2 Stuntperson

Michael Hilow as Sikh Stuntperson

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