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Released 1988

Penny Marshall = Director

James L. Brooks = Producer

Robert Greenhut = Producer

Gary Ross = Co-Producer

Anne Spielberg = Co-Producer

Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin

Elizabeth Perkins as Susan

Robert Loggia as MacMillan

John Heard as Paul

Jared Rushton as Billy

David Moscow as Young Josh

Jon Lovitz as Scotty Brennen

Mercedes Ruehl as Mrs. Baskin

Josh Clark as Mr. Baskin

Kimberlee M. Davis as Cynthia Benson

Oliver Block as Freddie Benson

Erika Katz as Cynthia's Friend

Allan Wasserman as Gym Teacher

Mark Ballou as Derek

Gary Howard Klar as Ticket Taker

Alec Von Sommer as First Brother

Chris Dowden as Second Brother

Rockets Redglare as Motel Clerk

Jaime Tirelli as Spanish Voice

Paul Herman as Schizo

Nancy Giles as Administrative Woman

Jordan Thaler as Administrative Clerk

Dana Kaminski as Personnel Receptionist

Harvey Miller as Personnel Director

Tracy Reiner as Test Market Researcher

James Eckhouse as Supervisor

Linda Gillen as Woman in Red Dress

Mildred R. Vandever as Receptionist

Bert Goldstein as First Executive

Kevin Meaney as Executive #2

Peter McRobbie as Executive #3

Paul J. Q. Lee as Executive #4

Debra Jo Rupp as Miss Patterson

Keith W. Reddin as Payroll Clerk

Lela Ivey as Bank Teller

Dolores Messina as Real Estate Agent

Gordon Press as Moving Man

George J. Manos as Limousine Driver

Vince Cupone as Photon Laser Gunfighter

Susan Wilder as Karen

John Rothman as Phil

Judd Trichter as Adam

Pasquale Pugliese as Tenor & Dough Man

Tom Coviello as Singing Waiter

Richard Devia as Singing Waiter

Teddy Holiavko as Singing Waiter

Augusto Mariani as Singing Waiter

Alfredo Monti as Singing Waiter

Sergio Mosetti as Singing Waiter

Armando Penso as Singing Waiter

Edward Schick as Piano Player

F. Benjamin Stimler as Boy in Leaves

Jonathan Isaac Landau as Boy in Leaves

Samantha Larkin as Girl Friend of Cynthia

Bruce Jarchow as Photographer

Vaughn Sandman as Boy on Baseball Field

Paul Basile as Child at Taxi Stand (uncredited)

Brian J. Cano as Basketball Player (uncredited)

Kevin Fennessy as Handball Spectator (uncredited)

Matt Mindell as Friend (uncredited)

Brooke Marie Procida as Student (uncredited)

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