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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


Released 1989

Stephen Herek = Director

Scott Kroopf = Producer

Michael S. Murphey = Producer

Joel Soisson = Producer

W. K. Border = Associate Producer

Stephen Deutsch = Co-Executive Producer

Robert W. Cort = Executive Producer

Ted Field = Executive Producer

Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan

Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston

George Carlin as Rufus

Terry Camilleri as Napoleon

Dan Shor as Billy the Kid

Tony Steedman as Socrates

Rod Loomis as Dr. Sigmund Freud

Al Leong as Genghis Khan

Jane Wiedlin as Joan of Arc

Robert V. Barron as Abraham Lincoln

Clifford David as Ludwig Von Beethoven

Hal Landon Jr. as Captain Logan

Bernie Casey as Mr. Ryan

Amy Stock-Poynton as Missy, Mom

J. Patrick McNamara as Mr. Preston

Frazier Bain as Deacon Logan

Diane Franklin as Princess Joanna

Kimberley LaBelle (Kates) as Princess Elizabeth

Will Robbins as Ox Robbins

Steve Shepherd as Randolf Shepherd

Anne Machette as Buffy

Traci Dawn Davis as Jody Davis

Duncan McLeod as Bartender

John Clure as Tatooed Cowboy

Jim Cody Williams as Bearded Cowboy

Dusty O'Dee as Old West Ugly Dude

Ruth Pittman as Daphne

Heather Pittman as Kerry

Richard 'Dick' Alexander as Bowling Alley Manager

James Bowbitch as John the Serf

John Karlsen as Evil Duke

Jeanne Hermine Herek as Mother at Waterslides

Jonathan Bond as Waterslide Attendant

Jeff S. Goodrich as Music Store Salesman

Lisa Rubin as Girl at Mall

Marjean Holden as Student Speaker

Claudia Templeton as Aerobic Saleswoman

Carol Gossler as Aerobic Instructor

J. Donovan Nelson as Mall Photographer

Marcia Darroch as Store Clerk

Steve Rotblatt as Police Psychiatrist

Ed Solomon as Stupid Waiter

Chris Matheson as Ugly Waiter

Mark Ogden as Neanderthal #1

Tom Dugan as Neanderthal #2

Ron R. Althoff as Security Guard

Phillip V. Caruso as Dance Photographer (uncredited)

Lee Hollingsworth as Student (uncredited)

Tricia Porter as Bowling Score Keeper (uncredited)

Golan Ramras as Kid At Waterloo (uncredited)

HanK Baumert as Stuntperson

Lori Lynn Ross as Stuntperson

Keith Johnson as Stuntperson

Bob Cota as Stuntperson

Vaughn Shafer as Stuntperson

Ray Lykins as Stuntperson

George Fisher as Stuntperson

Rodd Wolff as Stuntperson

Noon Orsatti as Stuntperson

Jeffrey Imada as Stuntperson

John Escobar as Stuntperson

Donald Ruffin as Stuntperson

Al Jones as Stuntperson

Whitey Hughes as Stuntperson

Ron R. Althoff as Stuntperson

James Donovan Nelson as Stuntperson

Scott Alan Cook as Stuntperson

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