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Released 2011

Elliott Lester = Director

Zygi Kamasa = Producer

Steven Chasman = Producer

Donald Kushner = Producer

Brad Wyman = Producer

Gisela Evert = Associate Producer

Alexander O'Neal = Co-Producer

Victor Hadida = Co-Executive Producer

Guy Avshalom = Executive Producer

Ken Bruen = Executive Producer

Alwyn Hight Kushnar = Executive Producer

Nick Manzi = Executive Producer

Samuel Hadida = Executive Producer

Jason Statham as Brant

Paddy Considine as Nash

Aidan Gillen as Weiss

Zawe Ashton as Falls

David Morrissey as Dunlop

Ned Dennehy as Radnor

Mark Rylance as Roberts

Luke Evans as Stokes

Nicky Henson as Superintendent Brown

Steven Harwood Brown as Metal

Bill Champion as Dr. Leonard

Richard Riddell as McDonald

Ron Donache as Cross

Ellie Fairman as Sandra

Alex Lanipekun as Precious PC

Mark Roper as Cab Driver 1

Ranjit Krishnamma as Cab Driver 2

Nabil Elouahabi as Witness

Del Synnott as Simons

Joe Dempsie as Theo Nelson

Mickey Hughes as Puggy

Daniel Green as Leicester

Serge Soric as Pavel

Antonia Christy as Reporter on TV

Greg Finnegan as Computer Geek

David Keyes as Drug Buddy

Taylor James as Gym Assistant

Aldonio Frietas as Hoodie 1

Mens-Sana Tamakloe as Hoodie 2

Michael Byrch as Hoodie 3

Ralph Laurila as Hoodie 4

Reece Beaumont as Hoodie 5

Jack Bence as Hoodie 6

Jamie Kenna as Jenkins

Ken Bruen as Irish Priest

Martina Laird as Forensic Officer

Bill Westley as The Griffin Barman

Felix Scott as Wellesley Barman

Rupert Holliday-Evans as Funeral Attendant

Christina Cole as WPC

Jessica Swain as Swearing Girl

Peter Pedrero as Stunt Performer

Ben Cooke as Stunt Performer

Martin Wilde as Stunt Performer

Kai Martin as Stunt Performer

Vincent T. Wang as Stunt Performer

Sian Milne as Stunt Performer

Mike Lambert as Stunt Performer

Bobby Holland Hanton as Stunt Performer

Roy Taylor as Stunt Performer

David Forman as Stunt Performer

Ian Pead as Stunt Performer

Nick Hobbs as Stunt Performer

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