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Blue Steel


Released 1934

Robert N. Bradbury = Director

Robert N. Bradbury = Producer

Paul Malvern = Producer

John Wayne as John Carruthers

Eleanor Hunt as Betty Mason

George 'Gabby' Hayes as Sheriff Jake Withers

Edward Peil Sr. as Malgrove

Yakima Canutt as Danti, the Polka Dot Bandit

Lafe McKee as Dan Mason

George Cleveland as Hank, innkeeper

Earl Dwire as Henchman

Silver Tip Baker as Townsman (uncredited)

Barney Beasley as Townsman (uncredited)

Hank Bell as Stage driver with payroll (uncredited)

Ralph Bucko as Townsman (uncredited)

Horace B. Carpenter as Townsman (uncredited)

Fern Emmett as Mrs. Williams (uncredited)

Jack Evans as Townsman (uncredited)

Herman Hack as Henchman (uncredited)

Theodore Lorch as Townsman (uncredited)

Bud McClure as Townsman (uncredited)

Perry Murdock as Henchman (uncredited)

George Nash as The bridegroom (uncredited)

Herman Nowlin as Townsman (uncredited)

Artie Ortego as Henchman (uncredited)

Tex Phelps as Henchman (uncredited)

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