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The Bodyguard


Released 1992

Mick Jackson = Director

Kevin Costner = Producer

Lawrence Kasdan = Producer

Jim Wilson = Producer

Kevin Costner as Frank Farmer

Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron

Gary Kemp as Sy Spector

Bill Cobbs as Devaney

Ralph Waite as Herb Farmer

Tomas Arana as Portman

Michele Lamar Richards as Nicki

Mike Starr as Tony

Christopher Birt as Henry

DeVaughn Nixon as Fletcher

Gerry Bamman as Ray Court

Joe Urla as Minella

Tony Pierce as Dan

Charles Keating as Klingman

Robert Wuhl as Oscar Host

Debbie Reynolds as Debbie Reynolds

Daniel 'Danny' Tucker Kamin as Thuringer

Ethel Ayler as Emma

Sean Cheesman as Rory

Richard Schiff as Skip Thomas

Chris Connelly as Oscar Arrivals M.C.

Nathaniel Parker as Clive Healy

Bert Remsen as Rotary Club President

Donald Hotton as Reverend Hardy

Nita Whitaker as Oscar Singer

Patricia Healy as Sound Winner #1

Blumen Young as Sound Winner #2

Rob Sullivan as Best Sound Presenter

Jennifer Lyon-Buchanan as Best Song Winner

Stephen Shellen as Tom Winston

Victoria Bass as Woman in Green

Abbey Vine as Ben Shiller

Phil Redrow as Video Director

Joseph 'Joe' Hess as Cuban Husband

Marta Velasco as Cleaning Woman

Joe Unger as Journalist

Gwen Seliger as Rachel's Valet

Susan Traylor as Dress Designer

Pat Van Patten as Woman in Restaurant

Shelley A. Hill as Mother at Restaurant

Amy Lou Dempsey as Little Girl at Restaurant

Rosie Lee Hooks as Thrift Shop Owner

Ken Myles as Sound Technician #1

Robert L. Feist as Sound Technician #2

Charles Bazaldua as TV Director

Tracye Logan as Girl on Stairway

Art Spaan as Billy Thomas

Douglas Price as Pantages Assistant

Ellin La Var as Rachel's Hairstylist

Joseph Zabrosky as Skip's Assistant

Rollin Jarrett as Miami Reporter

David M. Morano as Fontainebleau Barkeeper

Carla Lizzette Mejia as Fontainebleau Maid

Linda Thompson as Female Academy Member

David Foster as Oscar Conductor

Towanna King as Rachel's Assistant

Mark Thomason as Frank's Stand In

Norman Howell as Frank's Double

Joyce Larkin as Rachel's Double

Debra Hubbard as Rachel's Body Double

Bill Warren as Helicopter Pilot

Al Guthery as Helicopter Pilot

Tom Stramat as Pilot

Shaun Earl as Dancer (uncredited)

John Hartman as Stage Manager (uncredited)

Al Kamarr as Guest at Dinner (uncredited)

Dan Koko as Cameraman in Helicopter (uncredited)

David Joseph Martinez as Raul Moreno-Janitor (uncredited)

L. A. Rothman as Autograph Seeker (uncredited)

John Tesh as Voice of Entertainment Tonight Host (uncredited)

Bobby Bass as Stuntperson

Brooke Becker as Stuntperson

William 'Bill' H. Burton as Stuntperson

Jeffrey J. Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Ousaun Elam as Stuntperson

Rusty Hendrickson as Stuntperson

Henry Kingi as Stuntperson

Joel Kramer as Stuntperson

Vinita McClennon as Stuntperson

Bobby Porter as Stuntperson

Walter Scott as Stuntperson

William 'Billy' Washington as Stuntperson

David Webster as Stuntperson

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