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The Next Generation


Released 1988

William F. Claxton = Director

David Dortort = Producer

William F. Claxton = Co-Executive Producer

Tom Sarnoff = Executive Producer

Alan Courtney = Executive Producer

John Ireland as Capt. Aaron Cartwright

Robert Fuller as Charlie Poke

Barbara Anderson as Annabelle 'Annie' Cartwright

Michael Landon Jr. as Benjamin 'Benj' Cartwright

Brian A. Smith as Josh Cartwright

John Amos as Mr. Mack

Peter Mark Richman as Mr. Dunson

Gillian Greene Jennifer Sills

Kevin Hagen as Nathaniel Amsted

William Benedict as Gus Morton

Richard Bergman as Sheriff Montooth

Dabbs Greer as Sills

Gary Reed as Eldon Poole

Lee McLaughlin as Mayor

Robert Hoy as Feathers

Rex Linn as Cease

Jack Lilley as Jory

Jerry Gatlin as Deke

Jeffrey Meyer as Lundeen

Robert Jauregui as Cullen

Jeffrey Boudov as Homer

Laurie Rude as Rachel

Clayton Staggs as Mover-Shaker

David Q. Combs as Father

Michael Dellafemina as Townsman #1

Patrick Joseph O'Neill as Hoskins

Joyce Anderson as Woman #1

John D. Ward as Preacher

M. C. Christopher as Ranchhand #1

Jack O'Leary as Townsman #2

Robert J. Fuller as Townsman #3

Jeannette Knight as Woman #2

Wm. James Anderson as Miner

Mike Silvera as Driver

Mike Watson as Stunt Person

Clay Lilley as Stunt Person

R. L. Tolbert as Stunt Person

Jennifer Watson as Stunt Person

Dick Spaethe as Stunt Person

Clint Lilley as Stunt Person

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