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Book of Life


Released 2014

Jorge R. Gutierrez = Director

Aaron Berger = Producer

Brad Booker = Producer

Guillermo del Toro = Producer

Carina Schulze = Producer

Greg Lyons = Associate Producer

Chris Digiovanni = Associate Producer

Heather M. Drummons = Associate Producer

Geoffrey Stott = Co-Producer

Matthew Teevan = Co-Producer

Cary Granat = Executive Producer

Chuck Peil = Executive Producer

Aron Warner = Executive Producer

Diego Luna as voice of Manolo

Zoe Saldana as voice of Maria

Channing Tatum as voice of Joaquin

Ron Perlman as voice of Xibalba

Christina Applegate as voice of Mary Beth

Ice Cube as voice of Candle Maker

Kate Del Castillo as voice of La Muerte

Hector Elizondo as voice of Carlos Sanchez

Danny Trejo as voice of Skeleton Luis

Carlos Alazraqui as voices of General Posada, Dali & Chuy

Ana De La Reguera as voice of Skeleton Carmen

Emil-Bastien Bouffard as voice of Young Manolo

Elias Garza as voice of Young Joaquin

Genesis Ochoa as voice of Young Maria

Placido Domingo as voice of Skeleton Jorge

Jorge R. Gutierrez as voice of Skeleton Carmelo

Eugenio Derbez as voice of Chato

Gabriel Iglesias as voice of Pepe Rodriguez

Trey Bumpass as voices of Goth Kid & Orphan

Dan Navarro as voice of Chakal

Kennedy 'KK' Peil as voice of Sasha

Miguel Sandoval as voice of Land of the Remembered Captain

Grey Griffin as voice of Grandma

Ben Gleib as voices of Goya & Dali

Ricardo Sanchez 'Mandril' as voice of Pablo Rodriguez

Cheech Marin as voice of Pancho Rodriguez

Ishan Sharma as voice of Sanjay

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes as voices of Adelita & Nina

Sandra Equihua as voice of Scardelita

Callahan Clark as voice of Jane

Gunnar Sizemore as voice of Ignacio

Angelica Maria Hartman Ortiz as voice of Sister Ana

Eric Bauza as voices of Father Domingo & Cave Guardian

Aron Warner as voice of Thomas

Sandra Echeverria as voice of Claudia

Tonita Castro as voice of La Muerte as Old Woman

Troy Evans as voice of Old Man Hemingway

Guillermo Del Toro as voice Land of the Remembered Captain's Wife

Brad Booker as voice of Conductor

Newell Alexander as Additional Voice

Rosemary Alexander as Additional Voice

Steve Alterman as Additional Voice

Jose Alvarez as Additional Voice

Eva Bella as Additional Voice

Madison Carlon as Additional Voice

David Cowgill as Additional Voice

Vicki Davis as Additional Voice

Moosie Drier as Additional Voice

Elisa Gabrielli as Additional Voice

Cullen McCarthy as Additional Voice

David Michie as Additional Voice

Richard Miro as Additional Voice

Michelle Moores as Additional Voice

Jonathan Nichols as Additional Voice

Arthur Ortiz as Additional Voice

Juan Pacheco as Additional Voice

Al Rodrigo as Additional Voice

Nathaniel Semsen as Additional Voice

Marcelo Tubert as Additional Voice

Lynnanne Zager as Additional Voice

Ruth Salduondo as Additional Voice

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