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Boot Hill


Released 1969

Giuseppe Colizzi = Director

Giuseppe Colizzi = Producer

Enzo D'Ambrosio = Producer

Manolo Bolognini = Executive Producer

Edward L. Montoro = Executive Producer

Terence Hill as Cat Stevens

Woody Strode (Stroode) as Thomas

Bud Spencer as Arch Hutch Bessy

Eduardo Ciannelli as Boone - il Giudice

Glauco Onorato as Finch

Alberto Dell'Acqua as Hans l'Acrobata

Nazzareno 'Neno' Zamperla as Franz l'Acrobata

Victor Buono as Honey Fisher

Lionel Stander as Mamy

Leslie Bailey as John

Maurizio Manetti as Joe

Dante Cleri as Fisher's Lawyer

Antonio De Martino as Midget

Adriano Cornelli as Midget

Arnaldo Fabrizio as Midget

Romano Puppo as Finch henchman

Enzo Fiermonte as Sharp

Luciano Rossi as Sam - the Storekeeper

Mirella Pamphili as Circus singer

Gaetano Imbró (Imbró Gaetano) as Finch henchman

George Eastman (Luca Montefiori) as Baby Doll

Ettore Arena as Finch Henchman (uncredited)

Paolo Magalotti as Finch Henchman (uncredited)

Raffaele Mottola as Mr. Collins (hotel guest) (uncredited)

Joaquín Parra as Finch Henchman (uncredited)

Wayde Preston as Miner (uncredited)

Dino Strano as Finch Henchman (uncredited)

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