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Born To Ride


Released 2011

James Fargo = Director

Michael C. Edwards = Producer

Martin Guigui = Producer

Dahlia Waingort = Producer

Sathish Chari = Associate Producer

Desirea Lozensky = Associate Producer

Mike Anthony Jones = Co-Producer

Brett Kerr = Co-Producer

Jenny Kerr = Co-Producer

Eric Potter = Co-Producer

Wallace Olsen Jr. = Executive Producer

Casper Van Dien as Mike Callahan

Patrick Muldoon as Alex

William Forsythe as Jack Steele

Theresa Russell as Frances Callahan

Jack Maxwell as Vic

Branscombe Richmond as Dean

Jamison Jones as Gary

David Goryl as David

Jim Bentley as Vet

Claudia DiFolco as Vet's Daughter

Kurt Andon as Senator Clayton

Kristin Herold as Nikki

Mike Valletta as Young Gunman

Martin Guigui as Movie Director

Tammy Ledbetter as Steele's Wife & Pregnant Woman

Herb Mendelsohn as Mr. Simons

Paul Cassidy as Biker

John Quern as Bouncer

Dahlia Waingort as 2nd 2nd AD

Jimmy Duggan as Bartender

Candice Kirkiles as Sin

Katherine Stewart as Shelley

Alaina Beauloye as Lady Cop

John Janezic as Beau

Ken Love as Mr. Brown

Charles Evans as Mr. Red

Lilloie Richardson as Joan

Catherine Gilman as Bertha

Harold Dixon as Negotiator

Maggie Hunts as Kath

Shane Stevens as J. D.

Michelle Bengston as Tammy

Daniel Rivera as John Red Deer

Camille Gordon as Paula Cortez

Andre Kean Caceres as Biker and Bike Fabricator

Ronnie Davis as Paramedic

Rudy Martinez as Latino Biker

Keith Ball as Interviewer

Mike Anthony Jones as Generation Jones Band

Michael MacPherson as Band Member

Carla Kirlin Darrin as Band Member

Jess Darrin as Band Member

Charlie Brechtal as Band Member

Michael Kravitz as Band Member

Jason Deal as Extra

Clint Nicholas Smolcich as Extra

James Jaeger as Extra & Stuntperson

Pat Larkin as Extra

Ronald O. Jaynes as Extra & Stuntperson

Ron Nix as Extra & Stuntperson

Jeff Sarna as Extra & Stuntperson

Debra Spidercloud Barnette as Extra

Elsa Johnson as Extra

Flint Carney as Extra

Jon Proudstar as Extra

Thomas 'TJ' James as Extra

Katreen G. Conner as Extra

James Olsen as Extra

Mary Jo Cobb as Extra

Cledia Barsottelli as Blonde PA (uncredited)

Bob Huff as Angry Trucker with shotgun (uncredited)

Elaine Huff as Bank Hostage (uncredited)

Chester Tripp III as Stuntperson

Kevin P. Manning as Stuntperson

Brett Jones as Stuntperson

Al Jones as Stuntperson

Gil Combs as Stuntperson

Frank Lloyd as Stuntperson

Randy Hall as Stuntperson

Kathy Sessler as Stuntperson

Erik Mansker as Stuntperson

Mark Varner as Stuntperson

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