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The Bounty Hunter


Released 2010

Andy Tennant = Director

Neal H. Moritz = Producer

Wink Mordaunt = Executive Producer

Robyn Meisinger = Executive Producer

Ryan Kavanaugh = Executive Producer

Donald J. Lee Jr. = Executive Producer

Ori Marmur = Executive Producer

Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd

Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley

Gio Perez as Uncle Sam

Joel Marsh Garland as Dwight

Jason Kolotouros as Gelman

Matt Malloy as Gary

Jason Sudeikis as Stewart

Adam Rose as Jimmy

Christine Baranski as Kitty Hurley

Dorian Missick as Bobby Jenkins

David Costabile as Arthur

Lynda Gravatt as Judge

Peter Greene as Earl Mahler

Jeff Garlin as Sid

Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Teresa

Jayne Houdyshell as Landlady

Cathy Moriarty as Irene

Ritchie Coster as Ray

Mark Budd as Stickman

Mary Testa as Maid at the Taj

Harry Zittel as Pedicab Driver

Charles Techman as Track Vet

Tracy Thorne as Membership Director

Christian Borle as Caddy

Amanda Dutton as Darla

Carol Kane as Dawn

Adam LeFevre as Edmund

Edward 'Eddie' J. Mitchell as Jonathan

Patrick Mitchell as Jeremy

Charlie Hewson as Rich Guy

Lou Sumrall as Bone

Brooke Allison Stroebele as Strip Club Waitress

Eric Zuckerman as Kenny

Wally Dunn as Depository Clerk

Mike Girard Sheehan as Desk Sergeant

Jason Babinsky as Strip Club Patron (uncredited)

Eve Barakos as Race Track Attendee (uncredited)

Robert Bizik as Casino Gambler (uncredited)

Ian Bonner as Boardwalk Pedestrian (uncredited)

Jennifer Butler as Casino Guest (uncredited)

Rich Campbell as Defendant (uncredited)

Chris Clemens as Casino Gambler (uncredited)

Greg Cool as Hungover Boardwalker (uncredited)

Jessica Czop as Highroller's Date (uncredited)

Skippy D as Motorcycle Rider (uncredited)

Christian Dorsey as Casino Customer (uncredited)

Bennett Dunn as Sandwich Shop Couple (uncredited)

Cindy Engle as Tourist (uncredited)

John Farrer as Country Club Golf Member (uncredited)

Stephen Felt as Man on Escalator (uncredited)

Kylie Forbush as Montmouth Park Racetrack Spectator (uncredited)

Erica Ford as Race Spectator (uncredited)

Natalie Gal as Wife (uncredited)

Chris Haemmerle as Tattoo Parlor Patron (uncredited)

Shaun Hasas as Dealer (uncredited)

Doug Henderson as Casino Patron (uncredited)

Bob Kaplan as Punk Rocker (uncredited)

William James Kelly as Casino Gambler (uncredited)

Christopher King as Editor (uncredited)

Steven J. Klaszky as Driver (uncredited)

Shelby Kovant as Spectator (uncredited)

Michael J. Kraycik as Casino Gambler (uncredited)

Anna Kuchma as Daily News Reporter (uncredited)

Debbie Lang as Club Member (uncredited)

Sharon Lee Levine as Officer Levine (uncredited)

Bobby Lundon as Parade Spectator (uncredited)

Tom Margiotta as Extra (uncredited)

Danielle McKee as Kandy (uncredited)

John Mitchell as Upscale Gambler (uncredited)

Ken Myers as Upscale Gambler (uncredited)

Matthew Nadu as Craps Player (uncredited)

Michelle Nagy as Sandwich Shop Couple (uncredited)

Caroline Overby as Country Club Member (uncredited)

Luis Pacheco as Casino Patron (uncredited)

Loukas Papas as Dignitary (uncredited)

Robert Paziora as Boardwalk Stroller (uncredited)

Joe Polito as Gambler & Patron (uncredited)

Bejay Rose as Pierced Mohawk Guy (uncredited)

Chuck Schanamann as Gambler (uncredited)

Richard Shankman as Fire Chief (uncredited)

Eugene Smith as Boardwalk Tourist (uncredited)

Gilbert Soto as Casino Patron (uncredited)

Anita Storr as Golfer (uncredited)

Adam Suerte as Tattooer (uncredited)

Tisha Tinsman as Clown (uncredited)

Joseph Tornatore as Casino Gambler (uncredited)

Naeem Uzimann as Undercover Agent (uncredited)

Dan Van Wert as Drunk on the Street (uncredited)

Kimberly Villanova as Boardwalk Drunk Lady (uncredited)

Bill Walters as Extra (uncredited)

Steven Weisz as NYPD (uncredited)

Henry Fleming Wood as Strip Club Security (uncredited)

John Wooten as Upscale Gambler (uncredited)

Tracey Ruggiero as Nicole Stunt Double

Anthony Vincent as Milo Stunt Double

Tim Connolly as Milo Stunt Double

Paul Bucossi as Stuntperson

Victor Bucossi as Stuntperson

Mike Burke as Stuntperson

John Cenatiempo as Stuntperson

Norman Douglass as Stuntperson

Roy Farfel as Stuntperson

Shane Geraghty as Stuntperson

Mickey Giacomazzi as Stuntperson

Tony Guida as Stuntperson

Steve Mack as Stuntperson

Tara Martell as Stuntperson

Jonathan Nosan as Stuntperson

Brian Smyj as Stuntperson

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