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The Bourne Identity


Released 2002

Doug Liman = Director

Patrick Crowley = Producer

Richard N. Gladstein = Producer

Doug Liman = Producer

Andrew R. Tennenbaum = Co-Producer

Robert Ludlum = Executive Producer

Frank Marshall = Executive Producer

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

Franka Potente as Marie

Chris Cooper as Conklin

Clive Owen as The Professor

Brian Cox as Ward Abbott

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Wombosi

Gabriel Mann as Zorn

Walton Goggins as Research Tech

Josh Hamilton as Research Tech

Julia Stiles as Nicolette

Orso Maria-Guerrini as Giancarlo

Tim Dutton as Eamon

Denis Braccini as Picot

Nicky Naude as Castel

David Selburg as Marshall

Demetri Goritsas as Com Tech

Russell Levy as Manheim

Anthony Green as Security Chief

Hubert Saint-Macary as Morgue Boss

David Bamber as Consulate Clerk

Gwenaël Clause as Deauvage

Emanuel Booz as Taxi Driver

Philippe Durand as Morgue Attendant

Vincent Franklin as Rawlins

Paulette Frantz as Concierge

Thierry (René) Ashanti as Wombosi Counselor

Roger Frost as Apfel

David Gasman as Deputy DCM

Harry Gilbert as Alain

Delphine Lanson as Alliance Secretary

William Cagnard as Davies

Kait Denison as Bank Receptionist

Joseph Beddelin as Zurich Cop

Rainer Werner as Zurich Cop

Katie Thynne as Claudia

Aaron Lilly as Marine

Ronald Benefield as Marine

Bradley J. Goode as Marine

Troy Lenhardt as Marine

Joshua McNew as Marine

Joe Montana as Marine

John Pawlikowski as Marine

Michael Rix as Marine

Brad Rizer as Marine

Andrew Webster as Marine

Houston Williams as Marine

Alain Grellier as Salvi

Arnaud Henriet as Wombosi Bodyguard

Jean-Yves Bilien as Wombosi Bodyguard

Daniel (Kobby) Erskine Nartay as Wombosi Bodyguard

Elwin 'Chopper' David as Wombosi Bodyguard

Roberto Bestazzoni as Fisherman (uncredited)

Ludovic Boulnois as Passer-by in Train Station (uncredited)

Jimmy Jean-Louis as Wombosi Bodyguard (uncredited)

Eric Moreau as Policeman (uncredited)

Alain Figlarz as Stuntperson

Gareth Milne as Stuntperson

Yan Dron as Stuntperson

Cyril Hertel as Bourne Stunt Double

Laurent Boismaré as Bourne Stunt Double

Pascaline Girardot as Marie Stunt Double

Jean-Jaques Desplanques as Castel Stunt Double

Fabrice Allan as Bourne Stand In

Cloe Kozlowski as Marie Stand In

Viktor Cervenka as Stuntperson

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