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The Boxtrolls


Released 2014

Anthony Stacchi = Director

Graham Annable = Director

Travis Knight = Producer

David Bleiman Ichioka = Producer

Steve Blum as voices of Shoe & Sparky

Dee Bradley Baker as voices of Fish, Wheels & Bucket

Max Mitchell as voice of Baby Eggs

Ben Kingsley as voice of Snatcher

Jared Harris as voice of Lord Portley-Rind

Nick Frost as voice of Mr. Trout

Richard Aydade as voice of Mr. Pickles

Tracy Morgan as voice of Mr. Gristle

Nika Futterman as voices of Oil Can & Knickers

Pat Fraley as voices of Fragile & Sweets

Fred Tatasciore as voices of Clocks & Specs

Isaac Hempstead Wright as voice of Eggs

Elle Fanning as voice of Winnie Portley-Rind

Maurice LaMarche as voice of Sir Langsdale

James Urbaniak as voices of Sir Broderick, Male Workman 1 & 2

Brian George as voices of Bodanger & Male Aristocrat 3

Toni Collette as voice of Lady Cynthia Portley-Rind

Simon Pegg as voice of Herbert Trubshaw

Lori Tritel as voice of Female Aristocrat 1

Laraine Newman as voices of Female Townsfold 1 & 2

Reckless Jack as voice of Background Boy

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