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The Boy Who Could Fly


Released 1986

Nick Castle = Director

Gary Adelson = Producer

Brian E. Frankish = Associate Producer

Richard Vane = Co-Producer

Lucy Deakins as Milly Michaelson

Jay Underwood as Eric Gibb

Bonnie Bedelia as Charlene Michaelson

Fred Savage as Louis Michaelson

Colleen Dewhurst as Mrs. Sherman

Fred Gwynne as Uncle Hugo Gibb

Mindy Cohn as Geneva

Janet MacLachlan as Mrs. D'Gregario

Jennifer Michas as Mona

Michelle Bardeaux as Erin

Aura Pithart as Colette

Cameron 'Cam' Bancroft as Joe

Jason Priestley as Gary

Chris Arnold as Sonny

Sean Kelso as Bad Boy

Meredith Bain Woodward as Female administrator

Raimund Stamm as Attendant #1

Dan Zale as Attendant #2

Dwight Koss as Dad

James 'Jim' McLarty as Tour guide

Betty Phillips as Institute receptionist

Terry David Mulligan as Mr. Brandt

Tannis Rae as Ms. O'Neil

Tom Heaton as Dr. Nelson

Angela Gann as Mrs. Betuel

Scott Irvine as Officer

Karen Siegel as Dr. Karen Siegel

John Carpenter as The Coupe De Villes

Nick Castle as The Coupe De Villes

Tommy Lee Wallace as The Coupe De Villes

Warren Carr as Guest Coupe

Max as Jake

Louise Fletcher as Psychiatrist

James 'Jim' M. Halty as stunt double: Eric

Betty Thomas as stunt double: Milly

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