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The Brave Little Toaster


Released 1987

Jerry Rees = Director

Donald Kushner = Producer

Thomas L. Wilhite = Producer

James Wang = Associate Producer

Cleve Reinhard = Co-Producer

Willard Carroll = Executive Producer

Peter Locke = Executive Producer

Jon Lovitz as Voice of The Radio

Timothy 'Tim' Stack as Voices of Lampy & Zeke

Timothy E. Day as Voices of Blanky & Young Rob, The Master

Thurl Ravenscroft as Voice of Kirby

Deanna Oliver as Voice of Toaster

Phil Hartman as Voices of Air Conditioner & Hanging Lamp

Joe Ranft as Voice of Elmo St. Peters

Judy Toll as Voices of Mish-Mash & Two-Face Sewing Machine

Wayne Kaatz as Voice of Rob, The Master

Colette Savage as Voice of Chris

Mindy Stern as Voices of Mother & Two-Face Sewing Machine

Jim Jackman as Voice of Plugsy

Randall William Cook as Voice of Entertainment Center

Randy Bennett as Voice of Computer

Jonathan Benair as Voice of Black and White TV

Louis Conti as Voice of Spanish Announcer

Beth Anderson as Voice of Chorus

Pat Ericson as Voice of Chorus

Gary Falcone as Voice of Chorus

Roger Freeland as Voice of Chorus

Janice Leibhart as Voice of Chorus

Darryl Phinnessee as Voice of Chorus

Joe Pizzulo as Voice of Chorus

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