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Breaker! Breaker!


Released 1977

Don Hulette = Director

Don Hulette = Producer

John Burrows = Associate Producer

Samuel Schulman = Executive Producer

Bernard Tabakin = Executive Producer

Chuck Norris as John David 'J.D.' Dawes

George Murdock as Judge Joshua Trimmings

Terry O'Connor as Arlene Trimmings

Don Gentry as Sgt. Strode

John Di Fusco as Arney

Ron Cedillos as Deputy Boles

Michael Augenstein as Billy Dawes

Dan Vandegrift as Wilfred

Douglas Stevenson as Drake

Paul Kawecki as Wade

Larry Feder as George

Jack Nance as Burton

David Bezar as Tony Trimmings

Miranda Garrison as Barmaid

Amelia Laurenson as Luana

Ray Saniger as Cook

Dee Cooper as Jailer

Deborah Shore as Pearl

The Great John 'L' as Kaminski

David Stephen Essex as Elroy

Chuck 'The Tuna' Collins as C.B. Voice

Bob 'Red Dog' Young as C.B. Voice

Danny 'Budman' Delany as C.B. Voice

Ron Holmstrom as C.B. Voice

Kristine Helstoski as C.B. Voice

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