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Bridge to Terabithia


Released 1985

Eric Till = Director

Edward K. Dodds = Producer

Annette O'Toole as Miss Edmunds

Julian Coutts as Jesse Oliver Aarons Jr.

Julie Beaulieu as Leslie Burke

Gloria Carlin as Mrs. Aarons

Tom Heaton as Jesse Oliver Aarons Sr.

Jennifer Matichuk as May Belle Aarons

Peter Dvorsky as Mr. Bill Burke

Darlene Bradley as Mrs. Judy Burke

Sharon Holownia as Brenda Aarons

Tyler Popp as Gary Fulcher

Bridget Ryan as Janice Avery

Asaph Fipke as Earle Watson

Paul McGaffey as Mr. Turner

Cathy Wenschlag as Puppy Girl

Anthony Mandler as Puppy Boy

Josephine Stebbings as Girl #1

Jennifer Rozenhart as Girl #2

Michael Bittner as Boy #1

Kresse Wesling as Little Girl

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