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Broken Arrow


Released 1996

John Woo = Director

Bill Badalato = Producer

Terence Chang = Producer

Mark Gordon = Producer

Allison Lyon Segan = Co-Producer

Joe Gareri = Executive Producer

Christopher Godsick = Executive Producer

Brad Lewis = Executive Producer

Dwight H. Little = Executive Producer

Michele Maples = Executive Producer

John Travolta as Maj. Vic 'Deak' Deakins

Christian Slater as Capt. Riley Hale

Samantha Mathis as Terry Carmichael

Delroy Lindo as Colonel Max Wilkins

Bob Gunton as Pritchett

Frank Whaley as Giles Prentice

Howie Long as Kelly

Vondie Curtis-Hall as Chief Sam Rhodes

Jack Thompson as Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff

Vyto Ruginis as Johnson

Ousaun Elam as Lt. Thomas

Shaun Toub as Max

Casey Biggs as Novacek

Jeffrey J. Stephen as Shepherd

Joey Box as Frakes

Jon W. Kishi as Daly

Myke Schwartz as Brandt

Jim Palmer as Lt. Reed

Vince Deadrick Sr. as Jim

Charlie Brewer as McKeller

Gary Epper as Miller

Mario Roberts as Carl

J. N. Roberts as Moss

Kurtwood Smith as Secretary of Defense Baird

Daniel von Bargen as Air Force General Creely

Bruce E. Holman as Chairman Aid

Carmen Argenziano as General Boone

James G. MacDonald as Park Ranger Baker

French Stewart as I. R. Crewman

Jim Moyle as Pentagon Assistant

Chris Mulkey as Major Hunt

Henry Murph as Captain Johnson

Tom Waddell as Capt. Wright

Rosemary Schoppman as Wanda

Raymond Cruz as AF Staff Officer at Casualty Briefing (uncredited)

Joni Avery as Stuntperson

T. C. Badalato as Stuntperson

Jophery C. Brown as Stuntperson

John Cade as Stuntperson

John Casino as Stuntperson

R. J. Chambers as Stuntperson

Eugene Colliern as Stuntperson

Tim A. Davison as Stuntperson

Dane Farwell as Stuntperson

Cindy Folkerson as Stuntperson

Robert 'Rock' Galotti as Stuntperson

Marian Green as Stuntperson

Marcia Holley as Stuntperson

Keii Johnston as Stuntperson

Paul M. Lane as Stuntperson

Irving E. Lewis as Stuntperson

Billy D. Lucas as Stuntperson

Rich Minga as Stuntperson

Billy Morts as Stuntperson

Mark Riccardi as Stuntperson

Jimmy Romano as Stuntperson

Scott Sproule as Stuntperson

George P. Wilbur as Stuntperson

Scott Wolf as Stuntperson

Danny Wynands as Stuntperson

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