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Broken City


Released 2013

Allen Hughes = Director

Randall Emmett = Producer

Mark Wahlberg = Producer

Stephen Levinson = Producer

Arnon Milchan = Producer

Teddy Schwarzman = Producer

Allen Hughes = Producer

Remington Chase = Producer

Brandon Grimes = Co-Producer

Ben Stillman = Co-Producer

George Furla = Executive Producer

Stepan Martirosyan = Executive Producer

William S. Beasley = Executive Producer

Jeff Rice = Executive Producer

Scott Lambert = Executive Producer

Brandt Anderson = Executive Producer

Brian Tucker = Executive Producer

Daniel Wagner = Executive Producer

Fredrik Malmberg = Executive Producer

Adi Shankar = Executive Producer

Spencer Silna = Executive Producer

Mr. Mudd = Executive Producer

Mark Wahlberg as Billy Taggart

Russell Crowe as Mayor Hostetler

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Cathleen Hostetler

Jeffrey Wright as Carl Fairbanks

Barry Pepper as Jack Valliant

Alona Tal as Katy Bradshaw

Natalie Martinez as Natalie Barrow

Michael Beach as Tony Jansen

Kyle Chandler as Paul Andrews

James Ransone as Todd Lancaster

Griffin Dunne as Sam Lancaster

Odessa Sykes as Secretary to Hostetler

Britney Theriot as Valerie

Luis Tolentino as Mikey Tavarez

Tony Bentley as Judge

Andrea Frankle as Prosecutor

William Ragsdale as Mr. Davies (Billy's Lawyer)

Dana Gourrier as Courtroom Cop

Aaron Zell as Staten Island Man

Steven Fisher as Staten Island Neighbor

Teri Wyble as Staten Island Woman

James M, Jenkins as Jimmy (VO)

Sharon Angela as Amber (VO)

Anthony Thomas as Security Guard

Annika Pergament as Reporter at City Hall

Indigo Nichols as Valliant's Aide

Gregory Jbara as Post Columnist

Frank Fortunato as Body Man Kevin

Han Soto as YMCA Speaker

Rachel Wulff as Children's Hospital Reporter

Ann Hamilton as Cathleen's Friend

Dustin Knockum as Doorman

Justin Chambers as Ryan

Jason Mitchell as Cast Friend #1

Chelsea Bruland as Cast Froemd #2

John W. Houghtaling as Harris Sargent

Ric Reitz as Mitch Rappaport

Lydia Hull as Mitch Rappaport's Wife

Leslie Hippensteel as Four Season's Waitress

Chance Kelly as Murdock

Benjamin Kanes as Harvard Club Bartender

Greg Sproles as Crime Scene Cop & Murdock Stunt Double

Reynaldo Piniella as Bolton Teen Alex

Fred Tolliver Jr. as 2nd Bolton Teen

Shawn Elliott as Raul Barea

Millie Tirelli as Natalie's Mother

Eric Weinstein as Sam's Employee #1

Henry Penzi as Sam's Employee #2

J. D. Evermore as Sam's Employee #3

Benton Greene as Brooklyn Cop

Joseph Meissner as Hotel Bartender

Robert Larriviere as Debate Moderator

Rachael Taylor Arrington as Local Bartender

Veronica Berry as Sr. Center Reporter #1

Judd Lormand as Valliant's Office Reporter #2

Elizabeth Kaledin as NY1 Anchor on TV

Lori Campbell as Premiere PR

Janell Crispin as Radio Announcer

Sean Graham as Billy Stunt Double

Matthew R. Staley as Lancaster Stunt Double

Andy Abele as Ryan Stunt Double

Peter Cullen as Stunt Person

Cassidy Hice as Stunt Person

Regis Harrington as Stunt Person

Brian Duffy as Stunt Person

John Cypert as Stunt Person

Hunter Baxley as Stunt Person

Oakley Lehman as Stunt Person

Thomas Lupo as Stunt Person

Holly O'Quin as Stunt Person

Larry Rippenkroeger as Stunt Person

Jeff Galpin as Stunt Person

Eric Salas as Stunt Person

Gary Baxley as Stunt Person

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