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Bruce and Lloyd

Out of Control


Released 2008

Gil Junger = Director

Michael Ewing = Producer

Alex Gartner = Producer

William Green = Producer

Andrew Lazar = Producer

Charles Roven = Producer

Tom J. Astle = Executive Producer

Matt Ember = Executive Producer

Masi Oka as Bruce

Nate Torrence as Lloyd

Jayma Mays as Nina

Marika Dominczyk as Isabella

J.P. Manoux as Neil

Larry Miller as Underchief & CIA Chief

Bryan Callen as Howard

Mitch Rouse as Bob

Kelly Karbacz as Judy

Patrick Warburton as Hymie

Ruben Garfias as El Presidente

Terry Rhoads as Maitre D'

Sunkrish Bala as Upside Down Guy

Erica Zodtner as Waitress

Winston J. Rocha as Scientist

Brianna Rain King as Young Isabella

Matthew Kaminsky as C.I.A. Guy

Al Coronel as Senior Guard

Luisa Moraes as Woman in Dress

Amanda Tosch as Agent 34

Terry Crews as Agent 91

Brian Gattas as Lab Assist 1

Ernie Grunwald as Lab Assist 2

Regan Burns as Lab Assist 3

Vincent M. Ward as CIA Agent

Philip Centanni as Lab Worker (uncredited)

Tony Collins as Laboratory Worker (uncredited)

Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 (uncredited)

Lexy Hulme as Dancer (uncredited)

Caroline Pho as Lab Worker (uncredited)

Robin Timpanaro as Lab Worker (uncredited)

George F. Watson as Precision Briefcase

Exchange Agent (uncredited)

Poco Zocko as Embassy Guard (uncredited)

Jeff Brockton as Stuntperson

Tom Dupont as Stuntperson

Chris Durand as Stuntperson

John Escobar as Stuntperson

Roel Failma as Stuntperson

Eddie Fernandez as Stuntperson

Toby Holguin as Stuntperson

Henry Kingi Jr. as Stuntperson

Michael Li as Stuntperson

Hugh Aodh O'Brien as Stuntperson

Norbert Phillips as Stuntperson

Tommy Primeau as Stuntperson

Victor Quintero as Stuntperson

Nathan Steele as Stuntperson

Jim Stephan as Stuntperson

Justin Sundquist as Stuntperson

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