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The Bucket List


Released 2007

Rob Reiner = Director

Alan Greisman = Producer

Neil Meron = Producer

Rob Reiner = Producer

Craig Zadan = Producer

Frank Capra III = Co-Producer

Travis Knox = Executive Producer

Jeffrey Stott = Executive Producer

Justin Zackham = Executive Producer

Jack Nicholson as Edward Cole

Morgan Freeman as Carter Chambers

Sean Hayes as Thomas

Beverly Todd as Virginia Chambers

Rob Morrow as Dr. Hollins

Alfonso Freeman as Roger Chambers

Rowena King as Angelica

Annton Berry Jr. as Kai

Verda Bridges as Shandra

Destiny Brownridge as Maya

Brian Copeland as Lee

Ian Anthony Dale as Instructor

Jennifer DeFrancisco as Emily

Angela Gardner as Female Administrator

Noel Gugliemi as Mechanic

Jonathan Hernandez as Manny

Hugh B. Holub as County Health Director

Andrea J. Johnson as Elizabeth Chambers

Dawn Lewis as Flight Attendant

Jordan Lund as Tattoo Artist

Richard McGonagle as Board Chairman

Jonathan Mangum as Richard

Karen Maruyama as Nurse Shing

Amber Mead as Attractive Woman #1

Nikki Novak as Attractive Woman #2

John O'Brien as Executive #1

Serena Reeder as Rachel

Christopher Stapleton as Kyle

Taylor Ann Thompson as Edward's Granddaughter

Alex Trebek as Himself

Roy Vongtama as Doctor #1

MaShae Alderman as Young Virginia (uncredited)

Lauren Cohn as Denise (uncredited)

Frank Maharajh as Sashi Olpadwala (uncredited)

Vin Scully as Himself (voice) (uncredited)

George F. Watson as Hospital Review Board Member (uncredited)

Tanner Gill as Stuntperson

Steve Kelso as Stuntperson

Rick Seaman as Stuntperson

Jophery C. Brown as Stuntperson

Hubie Kerns Jr. as Stuntperson

Todd Shoebotham as Stuntperson

Dean Bailey as Stuntperson

David Major as Stuntperson

Buddy Sosthand as Stuntperson

Robert 'Bob' A. Caster as Stuntperson

Craig O'Brien as Stuntperson

Jim Wallace as Stuntperson

Melanie Conatser Peschio (Pat Conatser) as Stuntperson

Austin Priester as Stuntperson

Harry Wowchuk as Stuntperson

Ross A. Jordan as Stunt Driver

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