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Bullet To The Head


Released 2012

Walter Hill = Director

Alexandra Milchan = Producer

Alfred Gough = Producer

Miles Millar = Producer

Kevin King-Templeton = Producer

Aaron Auch = Co-Producer

Jessica Alan = Co-Producer

Robert J. Dohrmann = Co-Producer

Stuart Ford = Executive Producer

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones = Executive Producer

Deepak Nayar = Executive Producer

Steve Squillante = Executive Producer

Joel Silver = Executive Producer

Courtney Solomon = Executive Producer

Allan Zeman = Executive Producer

Steve Richards = Executive Producer

Stuart Besser = Executive Producer

Sylvester Stallone as James Bonomo

Sung Kang as Taylor Kwon

Sarah Shahi as Lisa Bonomo

Adewale Akinnauoye-Arbaje as Robert Nkomo Morel

Jason Mumoa as Keegan

Christian Slater as Marcus Baptiste

Jon Seda as Louis Blancard

Holt McCallany as Hank Greely

Brian Van Holt as Ronnie Earl

Weronika Rosati as Lola

Dane Rhodes as Lt. Lebreton

Marcus Lyle Brown as Detective Towne

Andrew Austin-Peterson as Crawfish Hollow Band

Paul Etheredge as Crawfish Hollow Band

Robert Cavan Carruth as Crawfish Hollow Band

Louis Michot as Crawfish Hollow Band

Andre Michot as Crawfish Hollow Band

Lacey Minchew as Crawfish Hollow Bartender

Dominique Duvernay as Waitress

Dana Gourrier as Deputy Coroner

Robert Larriviere as Forensic Scientist

Don Yesso as St. Charles Bartender

Douglas M. Griffin as Baby Jack Lemayne

Tiffany Reiff as Tattoo Customer

Jackson Beals as French Lick Bartender

Donna Duplantier as Newscaster

Andrea Frankle as Masseuse

Teri Wyble as Belle

Don Tai as Kim

Lin Oeding as Lee & Stunt Double

Milos Milicevic as Tall Goon

Kara Bowman as Medic

Stanimir Stamatov as Stunt Double

Mehtap Salih as Stunt Double

Esteban Cueto as Stunt Double

Nick Epper as Stunt Double

Danny Boyer as Stunt Double

Brian Oerly as Stunt Double

Mike Wilson as Stunt Double

David Mueller as Stunt Double

Ronn Surels as Stunt Double

Eric Salas as Stunt Person

Eric Stratemeir as Stunt Person

Joe Nin Williams as Stunt Person

Jeff Galpin as Stunt Person

Nito Larioza as Stunt Person

Kortney Manns as Stunt Person

Ayhan Tongadur as Stunt Person

Scott Wilder as Stunt Person

Sam Medina as Stunt Person

Alec Rayme as Stunt Person

Felipe Savahge as Stunt Person

Luke Hawx as Stunt Person

Trace Cheramie as Stunt Person

Tom O'Connell as Stunt Person

Eric Van Arsdale as Stunt Person

Mark Chavarria as Stunt Person

Freddie Poole as Stunt Person

Tom Cohan as Stunt Person

Stanton Barrett as Stunt Driver

Eric Norris as Stunt Driver

Tim Bell as Stunt Driver

Vic Quinteru as Stunt Driver

Holly O'Quin as Stunt Driver

Matt Thompson as Stunt Driver

Chris Fanguy as Stunt Driver

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